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a sunday gathering.

A happy Sunday to everyone.

images via jennifer causey

house of cards's style and a happy weekend

 Hello everyone, If you have been camped out like me watching the amazing series "House of Cards then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Being  huge fan of Kevin Spacey, I started to settle in to watch what I knew would be a magnificent performance. But I must be honest I found myself pulled more and more to Robin Wright and her " Ice Queen" character Claire Underwood. The more I saw her character and the way costume designer TomBroecker interpreted her style, it seemed nothing short of genius.

Claire Underwood’s outfits are structured and somewhat severe, with an understated sexiness. Claire wears her clothes as armour, protecting herself behind a shield that is both masculine and sexy. Ready to do battle everyday, her character actually very complex,  because while she benefits from her husband’s political ties, she wants them for her own benefit, constantly balancing options and playing the field. 

The only real colour she wears is blue (the rest is a strict …

spring trend: white eyeliner

Hello to all my lovelies. I am sure we are all looking forward to spring as I am. Today we look at the gorgeous way white liner give a pop to your eyes, regardless of your complexion. The images here are meant to inspire us all, so go ahead and give it a try. Here are some tips that will prove most useful.

Use as Traditional Liner
Instead of lining your top lid with a thick smear of black, try using white. Since white eyeliner is bright and dramatic, this will create a noticeable, dramatic look.
Layers of Color Produce a white line of your top lid twice as thick as you would normally apply eyeliner. Next, apply black or brown liner on top of it with a line about half as thick. This will create a double eyeliner look that makes your eyes stand out without being as dramatic was a white-only liner look.
As Concealer Hide a blemish by applying white eyeliner to it for first, then covering it with concealer. The whites will counteract the red of the blemish to create perfect coverage.

Highlight t…

a happy weekend to all

A pathway to the beach...

Cheers my Lovelies.

Image by Anson Smart

lupita nyong'o's fearless fashion

Lupita Nyong'o has been praised for her fashion fearlessness. The "12 Years a Slave" star picked up the best supporting actress Oscar dressed in a powder blue Prada gown at the Academy Awards this year. She has filled the hearts of many young girls, with her stand out fashion sense. Here's a little we did not know about our fearless fashionista:

The 31-year-old  is an actress, film and music video director, is of dual Kenyan and Mexican citizenship. After graduating from Hampshire College with a bachelor's degree in film and theatre studies, Nyong'o worked as a production assistant on several Hollywood films...i.e The Constant Gardener starring Ralph Fiennes. In 2008 she made her acting debut with the short film East River and subsequently starred in the Kenyan television series Shuga (2009). Also in 2009, she wrote, produced and directed the documentary film In My Genes of the mistreatment of the albino community in Kenya.

Nyong'o later completed a master&…