January 27, 2014

room of the week and reflections

Monday inspiration is this lovely oasis of white in this superb, on a budget walk-in closet. Don't you love this? But don't let the simplicity fool you, the utilization of the space flows quite naturally, with everything accessible and within reach. Clutter is tucked away behind drawers with an awesome focal point of the vanity mirror.  I adore open shelves and the shoe rack, as I love shoes, so looking at them is the next best thing. If only I had a spare room off my bathroom, I could see my space looking like this with perhaps more punches of color to bring out the Caribbean lurking inside me. 

Well I hope the year is going well so far for everyone. I have been ill with the flu which I have shaken, but with the end of the month drawing near, I feel a little behind in my goals/aspirations. I know God is in the midst of my schedule at work, my single-parenting, taking care of elderly parents, my spiritual life etc. It does all get pretty overwhelming. 

 I started the year with high goals for myself and they seemed very challenging both emotionally and financially. Life has gotten very busy and some of my creative projects, I should I have finished by now, has been put on hold. So  I'm wanting to find my footing again and gathering my thoughts to make this week a productive week and hopefully find myself back on track.

Getting back on track, I must admit brings with it some of the hurt and pain from last year.  I realized that despite my best efforts, I must allow myself to grieve the losses in my life and in the lives of my children. I'm not sure how others do it: but I find myself wanting to move on as if nothing has happened and make a new life, create new opportunities without reflecting on the past.

 Facing the past and losses in our lives, cannot be brushed away in light of new resolutions, new opportunities or new relationships for that matter. All of us must take the time to know who we really are, what is on our minds and how we respond to what life throws at us. So take sometime today, to pause, you won't regret it.

Images via Nina Holst @ Stylizimo.

Take care my Lovelies, I hope I've encouraged you just a bit. Stay tuned for more inspiration in the coming week.

Cheers Lisa. x

January 16, 2014

crushing on: blush, gold and something glittery

 Hello everyone, I am sure you are in love with the quiet, delicate combination of blush, gold and something glittery. When on a quest for inspiration and whats trending at the moment, we sometimes stumble along in the hope of finding a new thought , a new way of doing things and sometimes it lies in the most simple and pretty things. Don't you agree?

These little glasses in blush are so cute and I'm sure a rare find. It's giving me ideas for a table for two this Valentines season.

 Jimmy Choo Blush Gold Wedding Shoes

Tory Birch SS13

Cheers Lisa....x

Images via Pinterest,With love and light.

January 13, 2014

golden globes best in show

Call me picky this year but I was somewhat disappointed by what I saw on the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes. It wasn't that people looked badly, but a certain glow seemed missing from the entire assembly of actors, I felt  like they were some gorgeous gowns, but then some choose to do their own hair and makeup. Some dresses I've seen on the runway before and I'm not calling any names, and some were, yes general disappointments. But of course they were those who are tried and true, and new to the carpet that brought their A-game.

Tried and true was Helen Mirren, outstanding in an emerald green Jen Packham showing off her amazing figure very tastefully.

This new import from Australia, Margot Robbie who starred next to Leonardo DiCaprio in the The Wolf of Wall Street is stunning in this Gucci dress. Her breakout role and her first time on the red carpet received plenty nods and I"m sure we'll be seeing more of her.

Loved Amy Adams dress by Maison Valentino. As a rule red dresses in my opinion clashes too much with the carpet. So even though I'm loving the style; I find myself wishing it was white or blush.

Zoe, Zoe always pushing the envelope, no pun intended in this Parbal Gurung, embellished, off the shoulder, mid-length dress. Love it or hate it, she wears it well.

{images via Harper's Bazaar, Just Jared and Popsugar}

January 11, 2014

happy weekend and shooting stars

Hello lovelies, here's to a great weekend, some rest relaxation or whatever you've got planned. I've got a packed schedule of catching up on work, movies, books and magazines, and trolling the internet. There is just no way I'll be able to get all that done with two kids and loads of ironing and cleaning to be done. But before I embark on my to do list, here is little manicure that inspired me at 1.00 am in this morning.

I"m totally crushing on this tutorial here and also some other great tips and products to try. So hop on over and be sure to try this even if you don't have the exact colors. I did my manicure in pink with some glitter and stars of my own. It just goes to show, you can find inspiration lurking around any corner, at any given time.

{Images: Pshiit}

Cheers...Lisa . x

January 08, 2014

decor inspiration: rugs

Hello my lovelies, got the cold and I'm trying to shake it, cause today is my birthday...yippppeeeee!!! But the day has been fab so far, with lots of love coming my way. Sniff, Sniff!!!

But even with all the celebrating, I couldn't not share about this creative lady and her amazing rugs. Talk about crazy fab and I'm crushing on buying one for my home office, which is still a work in progress. Those Matisse throw cushions are to die for. So if you are in the market for a conversation piece rug, check out Sonya's collections here

Above is the Bubbles rug, that makes me speechless, and trust me, that's hard to do.

Cheers Lisa ...xx

January 04, 2014

new year's reflections and dreams

Jen Huang

Well with the rush of the holidays behind us and the New Year celebrations are thru, I pause  to think of the past year as a beautiful one in so many ways. One tends not to think that when its been tough financially, emotionally, mentally etc. So to find myself standing on the beach looking at the horizon, still hoping, dreaming, excited about what God will do with my life is amazing to me. The past year I have found special new friends and cherished old ones, a family that has been supportive, and a safe place where I can share my heart, to walk with dignity and a strength I didn't even know I had are all what makes the pass year extraordinary.

I believe some of the greatest lessons I will learn this year are forgiveness, patience, self-control, to name a few, but aren't we all still learning from life as it presents itself in the good, bad and the over-priced. 

So wherever you are my lovely readers, whether, happy or not completely so - the new year brings, new adventures, new experiences. Some might say not so new, but it's the perspective that counts. Once we learn to look at things differently, half the battle is won because knowledge is power and knowledge is what shapes our mind.

Thank you stopping by and here's to "GIRL AT THE BEACH" as we search for beauty together in all it's glory.

Cheers Lisa xx

January 02, 2014

the white start - Swedish style

It's wonderful to see another new year dawn and as we are well on our way to what promises to be an exciting year. checkout the amazing Swedish vintage style that caught my attention, I can't get enough of this  style. I've shared the below images to get you all in the mood, like the below bath...adorable. Little inexpensive additions can convert any room into a serene, white oasis.

Milk glass vases, pitchers and bowls are a treasure like this one above, and can be found at any flea market worth its reputation.

That home office above gets two thumbs up, get super creative and spray paint an old metal desk (a major undertaking, I suggest get it professionally done). Those old picture frames, you were probably going to toss out can look new again, with a collection of black and white illustrations or photos.

Loving the shabby chic vibe going on above, such a great mix of vintage and modern. Sofa covers and pillow covers can change your decor in a heartbeat when you are experimenting,  but this look is a definite keeper.

So with my budget for decorating being non-existent, I'm grabbing some paint to work some magic. Are you inspired to give your ho-hum home office, bedroom or kitchen some love. Be sure to share what's inspiring you this New Year.


{images courtesy the beach cottage, pinterest and vangelis paterakis photographer}

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