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cake and sparkle pins

images via my pinterest
Goodbye to another stress-filled week and I'm off to a small hotel by the beach for some rest and relaxation. Hubby made the plans and it was such a surprise, what's life without some spontaneity.  So here's to a weekend away from home and the household chores and cooking meals. Anyway I wanted to end the week off in a pretty way, so here is some cake and sparkle pins from my Sparkle Guide and Just Desserts boards to fill your weekend.
Cheers to all my Lovely friends, have great weekend. See ya'll next week!

farewell my dear sam

This post has been long overdue, but I think I'm ready to say goodbye to a dear friend and companion of seven years. After meeting Sam late one December night, obviously lost and hungry, he took a leap (no pun intended) of faith and jumped into the back of my car and never looked back. I wasn't looking for a pet, nor was I prepared for him to come live with me. Being nine months pregnant at the time and expecting my first child, nothing was could be furtherest from my mind, as to acquiring a dog.

Originally, the plan was always to find his owner and return him safely, no problem. But after many months and no one to claim him; Sam became my very own.

I will miss the early morning wake up jumps into my bed and him racing down the driveway at the sound of my car.

So many memories of Sam will stay with me and I will miss him more than you. Just looking at these pictures makes me very emotional. I hope I get to see him again and by some chance God has allowed him into heaven.…

bar cart inspiration

via ada & darcy

Here's to another week my Lovelies.  I just had to share this wonderful bar cart with everyone, isn't it stunning. Hope all is well with everyone.
What are you inspired by ???


which would you prefer this weekend

 I am looking forward to kicking back and catching up on some Zzzzzs this weekend. Hopefully some solitude can be achieved with a good book and catching up on some recent mags would be the nice.  What about you, any plans?
Cheers to the Weekend.

throw a stylish game night

image here
Why not plan a game night, there is nothing like a little friendly competition to bring friends together. First send out invites at least a week in advance to ensure success of being well attend. 
Then plan the fun taking into consideration what your guest would like. For example, have at least 4 packs of playing cards for hearts, gin rummy and five card draw which are always crowd -pleasers - and easy to teach newbies. 
If your budget allows, plan to give prizes that are practical like gas vouchers or gift cards to give to winners.(everyone loves Starbuck gift cards). Hoooray!!
The day before your game night, rearrange furniture to create a cozy floor space with cushions, plenty seating and ...candles if you like.
Country Living
Have a variety of beverages on hand, it will a long night. Be sure to have tea and coffee on hand and a few bottles of your fave wine on hand; to keep the crowd happy. However surprise them with some warm bourbon punch for a touch of the unexpected. See …

How to Restart your Life.

Do you feel stuck in life?
You do the same thing. You eat the same thing. You hang out with the same people. And you feel trapped in your own lifestyle, suffocating from the lack of opportunities and burdened by the endless train of thought.
You are probably ready for a big Restart.

1. What is important?
We all need to step back and take a good look at our lives. Are the goals that we’ve been working towards still important?
Basically, we need to re-evaluate our deepest priorities.
Take a few minutes every couple of months to see if you are really living according to your priorities or if you are just finding excuses of why you would continue them the next day.

2. Is it time to take a break?
When was the last time that you took a break? And I am not talking here about a 10-minute break in your work day. I am talking about the ultimate break from your stresses.

3. Is it time to let go?
One of the hardest things is letting go of your dream or goal, because they can kill your happiness. However, some…

what I'm lovin today

Hello everyone, it's the start of a new week and I've been looking at these great vanity organisation images. Aren't they lovely? I love the look of the antique silver trays and the lucite bangle stand (above). Most of my jewelry are tucked away in boxes, but I adore the fact that I can show off statement pieces in gorgeous trays and stands So I'm totally inspired to do a little rearranging of my of my own. What do you think would to try any of these ideas??


weekend and gratitude

Ahhhhhh, it's Friday and it's been quite a week -literally... the flu has taken me out most of this week, with all the symptoms to boot and I didn't take anytime off from work. I am also feeling bummed that I didn't make it to the gym; not once this week. So I'm tired, congested, lacking energy and miserable but this week has not been a total lost...lots of special things have happened that I am hugely grateful for; however small... so here goes.

ONE. A mother who who never stops giving and is a true representation of what it means to sacrifice for her children, no matter how old they are.

TWO. My son"s class teacher for going the extra mile with him.

THREE. The beginning of new friendships.

FOUR. Spiritual advice and support from loving friends when I need it most.

FIVE. A very loving and supportive husband in my life.

SIX. The great weather we have been having this week, just look at those skies (above).

If you’d like to share what you’re grateful for this week, I’…

which would you prefer

Hello my Lovelies, I was just thinking about my up and coming vacay and what I would love to do and where. Would it be a thatched hut, on stilts, with minimal amenities, living the simple life and getting lost in my husband, photography and books. Or would it be a more refined vacay of a coastal villa, built at the edge of a cliff, fully staffed with personal chef and private cinema.

What can I say, I am a girl that loves to dream and dream BIG! 

Which would you prefer?


room of the week the little bedroom of Michelle Adams (Editor and Chief of Lonny magazine) in her new high rise apartment over looking the Hudson River. I simply adore the mix of black and white and the clean, simple color palette. The color scheme is not dominated by any one fabric or color, and this marriage of patterns is just remarkable in my mind.

Hints of leopard print on the lamps and the ottomans are a wicked cheeky, but again not overpowering in the least. Art on the walls are witty and modern and also reflects the black and white theme. If you are thrilled by this DIY canopy, like me checkout how to here.

The vanity is a focal point with it's mirrored drawers which creates a lively and spacious atmosphere. Jewelry is not tucked away from sight but displayed in a lucite box allowing accessories to become a part of the decor. My favorite thing would have to be that Kelly Wearstler Ceramic bowl (holding the orchid) ...wicked!

What do you think??



which do you prefer

 Which do you prefer, a tranquil sunrise of pale greys, pinks and gentle breezes; or a vibrant gold and orange sunset sipping a cocktail as the day ends? I can't believe summer has drifted away so soon. So here's to the rest of the year whatever it may hold.

color obsession: blush pink

Platfoms, Watch, Lighter, Sunglasses and Top.

 As Summer slips away and transition is in the air, I'm crushing on the this lovely blush pink color. Why I love it; well generally considered ultra gilrlie, this pale pink can be both sophisticated and edgy. It adds character to any ensemble without causing too much contrast.
Blush pink plays well with such colors as white, grey, black, camel and brown. According to L. Crew head of women's design, blush acts as a nice bridge between intense colors such as purple, bright pink or red. My fave pairing is camel, mixing both these cool shades makes me feel confident and lighthearted.
Take care everyone and stay tuned for some new blogger interviews coming your way this month. Love to All.
{images via tumblr}