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A New Year and a New You.

As we say goodbye to 2011, and hello to a new year I am reminded of how precious life is and how grateful I am for the opportunities to learn and experience new things. Whatever you do this coming year, don't take your life for granted... let this be your year of  more dreams more faith more determination more inspiration more forgiveness more patience more giving more love.
Thank you to all, for your support and all your kind words this year. I will now leave you with some inspiration to ponder as the new year inspired!!!
God's Many Blessings to Everyone.


Time Alone.

As I reflect on the year 2011, I can sum it up in one word 'gratitude'. At the beginning of the year I made it my goal to keep a gratitude journal as some of you may remember and it has taught me so much. Now as I open a new journal to ready myself for 2012, I will be keeping a dream journal this year. but I have feeling I will be still recording how thankful I am to God for all he has done {and will continue to do} in my life thus far. 
So for today and tomorrow I'll be tucking myself away from hubby and the kids to journal goals, plans, prayers, and dreams. I have been doing this for sometime now so making this time happen is key for me. Here are a few ideas for journalling in the coming year.

You can write a lot about the dreams that you remember you had in the past, be it good or bad. A good idea is to try and relate such dreams to your real life.

Thanking God:
Thank God for whatever he has given you and for keeping you and your family safe. You can even note d…

'Tis the Season to be Scented.

Whether its an old favorite scent or a new one, the Holidays are just the right time to treat yourself to a gorgeous perfume this New Year. Don't you agree???
Antique brass, Victorian era inspired perfume locket with solid perfume tins by Roxana.
What has been your fave scent this year???? I have been wearing Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Juicy Couture mostly. Now this Christmas I'll be wearing my all time favorite of Vanilla perfume oil by The Body Shop. I started wearing Vanilla as a young woman and I have loved it ever since. I love how this natural scent lingers around meand makes me think of the holidays. My hubby gave me 'Gorgeous' by Victoria's Secret this Christmas and I'm loving it.
Cheers to a wonderful New Year's Eve.

A Very Happy Christmas

As we gather with our loved ones this holiday season, may Love and Joy come to each and everyone of you. 


It's the most wonderful Time of the Year!

It is the most wonderful time of the year for wearing sequins, don't you think???. While the work week has been hectic, traffic impossible, back to back parties, playing hostess and waiting in lines are everywhere; sequins seem to make it all tolerable.

Cheers to a wonderful Season my Lovelies.
Thank you so much for all your well wishes, you guys are awesome.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!!!!

 How adorable is this black Christmas Tree from Treetopia. So gorgeous and definitely a conversation piece. Well I hope everyone is doing well, I'll keep the Christmas inspiration going here on my blog well into next week. So stay tuned for more holiday edition recipes, decor and fashion. 
Love and Joy to All

A Whimsical Holiday.

Wanna have some fun this holiday? Draw a fir tree on the wall and put some balls on it – and TaDa!!! Here’s your tree, it’s funny, whimsical and there are no problems with it!  Trust when I say I'd be willing to try this if I had the wall space...LOL.

This year we are recycling our old pine tree from last year, so Hubby sprayed our brown tree gold and it looks divine. I'll take pics when I'm done with it everyone. Still making my lists and shopping for lovely specialty foods and wine as well. What about you, have you finished your shopping and decorating??? I also found these great flower lights at a little Chinese store today to decorate my work space. I'm simply crushing on anything corny and whimsical this holiday season.

All the photos are from Kate Spade holiday shoot here Happy Holiday Everyone.


Tabletop Trees.

Tabletop trees are perfect for those who don’t have the room for a full-size tree. They also are cool to add Christmas touches around the house. They could be made homemade or be bought in stores.  Trees could be made with using candies or other sweets. Here are great tabletop Christmas tree examples which you can use in your house decoration. I am thinking of  a seashell mini-tree  this year. What about you???


Lovin Leopard!!

I love the look of leopard in these images. I could really do with more leopard in my decor. What about you??
Cheers my Lovelies.

Hooray it's December: Holiday Favorites Book List.





As I'm currently with the flu and this terrible cough, I am cozy in my bed with a big mug of chicken noodle soup. The weather here doesn't help either as it's also very rainy, so I happily tucked away with some of my favorite holiday books, as they always serve to put me in the holiday spirit and keep me happy through this retched cold. So hopefully I'll be better soon, but for now I'll be taking it easy and allowing my hubby to take care of me. 
Take care everyone, see you soon.