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The Girl on the Train Movie is coming and it's down right creepy

Imagine you are commuting to work every day past the house where your ex husband lives with his new wife, a.k.a. the woman he left you for.  Sounds pretty awful, right? But I can totally relate as fate would have it. Maybe you have gone through something similar, maybe not. But going on a violent rampage has crossed my mind more than a few times. The Girl on the Train  is based on the same bestselling book, starring Emily Blunt and will be in theatres this fall. I suggest if you are in a place where you are coping with a divorce/separation, this is not the movie for you.

See what I mean, suspense and creepiness all rolled into one. Happy Weekend my Lovelies.

goodbye to a legend

Prince Rogers Nelson 1958-2016  Rest In Peace my Prince.

entertaining: alfresco dining

Hello my lovelies, with spring in the air and blossoms in full bloom, we look forward to dining outdoors on fresh and delicious food. The tickle of warmth that we feel, beckons to us to take advantage of the blossoming trees and the fresh cool air. A spring al fresco dinner is both divine and romantic with the right menu and oodles of wine that's key to it's success.. Here are a few ideas for your menu:

monday and lovely tablesettings

Greeting my Lovelies, and how was the weekend? I was snuggled up with my books and watching reruns of Downton Abbey. I have been taking it easy as I have been sick the last two weeks trying to get rid of the flu and build up immune system. So it's good to be back and blogging again.