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happy weekend and african awareness day

 Today is African Awareness day at the kids school, so I took my camera along to snap to a few pics. They were pretty excited about it as I got these cute outfits made for them to commemorate the day of activities. Layla's wooden bangle and Liam's necklace were handmade by a friend of mine, she's got incredible skills making wooden jewelry.

Layla with one of her many BFF's, also in African attire. Aren't they just the cutest.

Haley(another BFF) didn't get to wear her African outfit today, but she couldn't be left out of the picture.

I couldn't resit snapping these little boys in the school yard. They looked awesome in their African colors and those smiles were to die for. Stay tuned for more pics.
Happy Weekend.

attitude of gratitude

What I'm grateful for
 ...the strength I've found as a newly single mum, to care for my children and bond with them in ways I never thought possible.
...long walks on the boardwalk, while the sunsets.
...old friends and new friends who have been loving and supportive through this difficult timeFriends who have allowed me talk, cry, rant and just be me. You know who you are.
...for family who have allowed me land in a soft place, when I didn't know where to turn.
...the ability to provide and have a job that I am happy in.
...waffle cones and ice cream with my daughter.
...being able to now fit into a size 8 dress. So cool.
...for the peaceful home I have,  free from anger, deceit and lies, but filled with prayers, laughter, hope and love.
...good health, and test results that all have come back negative.
...Saturday morning cartoons in bed with the kids.
...last and by no means least, to God, my heavenly Father who has guarded my heart and my mind from bitterness, unforgiveness and…

outdoor splendor

image via Lonny
Happy Tuesday everyone and another perfect day to daydream. I  haven't entertained in sometime and I'm thinking it's time to jump right back into it. You are probably thinking I have nothing to celebrate, but I am here to tell you there is so much to be grateful for.

With Summer hot on our heels, we can plan dreamy parties under the warm breezes with lovely cocktails, deviled eggs, poached salmon, fruity tarts and chilled wine, just my personal favs. Whether on the rooftops, deck or the lawn, take advantage of treating a few friends special to kick start your summer plans.
images via Lonny xx

happy weekend and vibrant prints

Don't you just adore the brightness of prints, here are a few images I found, that really fills me with delight. Most people are afraid to use bright prints in decor, shying away from mixing too many and so ensuing a bedlam sort of look to their decor. But take a look at the guest bedroom below of Jason Oliver Nixon from New York Magazine. 
 image via

image via

 images via
Also stand out prints in fashion is not for the faint and retiring of heart. But of course the artist in me gravitates to such vibrant clothing, I can't get enough.
Have a splendid weekend everyone. Se you all next week.


decor inspiration: shelving life

When we look around us, so much of who we are, are what we put on shelves in our homes. I am constantly changing around my shelves from time to time. so this inspiration will not be wasted at all.  No clutter in the above image on these shelves, dedicated to teacups, teapots and mugs. Just wonderful.

What can be better than a closet with shelves for shoes....Sigh!!!

I am crushing on the black and white (with only a hint of color) theme shelves in this white room. Gorgeously simple.


room of the moment

What a glorious room, I just had to post this because there are so many elements I love here. Firstly the wallpaper and that mirrored side table caught my eye, then the warmth of that wooden floor is so lovely. What an escape this room is from the industrial edginess most lofts have. I would say mission accomplished here, wouldn't you.


stepping into summer

Stepping into summer is easy from where I stand, with warm weather around me all year round. Living in the tropics has its many blessings, what can I say. 

Images via Pinterest

I am actually looking for a beach house to rent for the summer for me and the kids, I will keep you posted on that. What are your plans this summer?