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Indian summer decor.

Images from:
Warm, red and seductive India-inspired interiors. I simply love the mix of textures and colors.
I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.
Love Lisa.

Inspiring Bedrooms.

Images from : Country Living.
Well I'm back from our lovely vacation by the beach. Now I'm redesigning my bedroom, nothing major, but its amazing how effective little changes can be. Here are some pictures that have inspired me,...enjoy.
Much Love Lisa

Vacationing by the beach.

So here I am on holiday and enjoying every minute of it and missing my kids.We called yesterday to see how they were doing at Grandma because this is the first time I've been away this long from them.  I guess you can't go on vacation from being a Mom. Anyway I'm still on my anniversary break at this incredible hotel (see pics above) by the sea, so I'll touch base next week with everyone.  Bye for now. Love Lisa.  Thanks again to all my new friends for stopping by, have a great weekend.

Celebrating 13 years of marriage. Yipppeee!

Fish Pot Restaurant.(Right on the beach). Images from;,

Little Good Harbour: Barbados
Atlantis Hotel (our room.)
Well, it sure doesn't feel like we've been married 13 years, time does fly.  However we are even more in love and  happy. We are very grateful  to God, guiding our steps, our hearts and answering our prayers. We also appreciate the Marrieds Ministry of our church and the support we have gotten over the years. It has been an amazing 13yrs of joy, disagreements, trials, bliss, sorrow and love.
I wouldn't change any of it, not one bit.
So we're off to Little Good Harbour  which has been our favorite place to celebrate. A small cottage resort on the island of Barbados. We will also skip over to the Atlantis Hotel for a three day stay on the eastern side of this beautiful and enchanting island. Take Care everyone, I'll be occupied so please forgive me if I'm missing till the weekend. 
Much Love Lisa

Happy Hour and Friends.

Images from; food,,
There is nothing like good food and good friends to bring the day to an end. 1.Tropical Fruit Punch. 2. (Virgin)PinaColadas. 3.Grilled Flying Fish (common in the warmer waters of the Caribbean). 4. Barbecue Chicken Wings. Yummy!!! . Recipe for Virgin PinaColdas is as follows;  Ingredients; Pineapple Juice, Coconut Milk, Crushed Ice. 
      How to make: Put all ingredients into a blender with 2 cups of crushed ice. Blend at a high speed for several seconds. Strain into a glass and serve with a straw. Top with whipped cream a wedge of pineapple and as many Maraschino cherries as you can handle. My kids love these.
Enjoy everyone. Have a fab weekend. Love Lisa

Colors of the Caribbean.

Images from: nevisblog, anguillarentals, carycitzen, mayarobeach.
The Caribbean Islands are each unique and diverse in their own way, both in language and culture, but we are one in spirit. Here are some photos that capture the beauty and colors of the Caribbean,...please enjoy.
Love Lisa Have a wonderful week everyone.


Images from: cooking light., southern accents  purpletrail, country living, Janet & Simon and here.
Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great week so far. I have been thinking about the fact that I haven't entertained all spring. I have been busy with not a lot of time on my hands. Can you relate? Well summer is right around the corner and I'm so inspired by these photos. I personally love the idea of a long table with everyone seated together outdoors. I love meals that are simple, fresh and uncomplicated, like lamb chops with a red pepper cous-cous, YUM.  Also lemonade in big pitchers with lemon slices and mint. I can't wait, what are your plans?
How will you entertain this summer? Love Lisa

Caribbean Fashion Week 2010.

Featured designers: Born as a Ragamuffin, Keneea Linton, NKWO, Shakad, Gavin Douglas, Poshe,  Romero Bryan, Meiling, Biggy, Yahuda, Deola Sagoe, Rachael Lym and Denis Devaed.
Regional and international buyers flock to Kingston's National Indoor Sports Centre, Jamaica every summer for Caribbean Fashion Week. World-famous designers showcase their
latest lines and fashionistas attend catwalks and glitzy events.
Event date: 8-14th June 2010.  Good luck to all our designers this year. Personally I can't wait to see what this year fashion trends will be,   go here to see more Caribbean Fashion.

Designer:Yahuda (middle).

All the jewelry in her collection is handmade by her as well. She is a lovely,
talented woman who I personally adore.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Much Love Lisa.

Our Ponds at Home.

Here are some pictures of some of the ponds in my garden. My husband has a passion for Japanese Koi so I'm surrounded by ponds that have been designed into the landscape around our home. So with very young children, lets say I'm beyond paranoid of them falling in and Lord forbid drowning. Many of the fish we raise are for sale and only a select few we keep as breeders.  Sometimes we have tours through the garden, which is always fun, especially school tours. For my husband this is a labour of love, which consumes him pretty much all day. Six years ago he quit his going -no-where-in-a-hurry job, to start his very own pond business. Now we have a thriving business but more importantly my husband is happy doing what he loves,...shouldn't we all.
We have recently started trying our hands to fish farming: Tilapia (fresh water fish), but it has been slow going, to meet the demand that is out there right now. We are hoping to find more land space so we can build a bigger farm. But…

Tea never looked so good.

Magnolia Red Tea Cup. (My favorite)
Beautiful White
Bouquet Pink
Spring Dark Pink Afternoon Tea Blue
Surely  these cups and saucers would make anyone swoon. Yes, another tea post folks, what can I say I'm in a teatime frame of mine, did I just rhyme, well it was totally unintentional. These gorgeous tea cups are from T2tea, where you can find some beautiful vintage and modern designs.  All hand-painted delicately to give you an elegantly stunning teacup and saucer,...very pretty indeed. Well I could go on, you know me. So I'm off to have my own tea of Green tea,  an egg salad sandwich, a red velvet cupcake and a bit of quiet reflection. Much love to everyone love and kisses.

Moroccan Tea Cups .

Sultana Orange Moroccan Tea Glasses
Jasmine Pink Tea Glasses
Venetian Blue Tea Glasses
Having tea the Moroccan way looks divine. These tea glasses are from the Star of Morocco: a furniture and home decor website. They come in a variety of colors and can also be used for wine or candles.
I thought it would be fun for my tea friends to feast their eyes on the sheer beauty
of these cups, that would sure be a conversation piece at any tea party. I'm  sure these Moroccan tea cups would make an  exceptional addition to any collection, including mine.
Thank you to the new lovely friends I've met this week from: Musings of a Sea Witch Slumber Design Tea with Friends Magpie Cottage
Lunie Bin
B's Musings
Some What Vintage  Much Love to everyone for getting me through the pass few days with your lovely comments.