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Romantic Style.

I recently received my long awaited copy of Romantic Style by Selina Lake a talented stylist and author.  Visit Selina's blog and catch all the book signings and launch parties surrounding this blissful new book. Be sure to be on the lookout for this special book. Here are just a few images to entice you..  All images are via Selina Lake.

If any you my dear friends would like to win one of Selina's brilliant books, visit my new friend Cow Parsley's blog to enter, if you are from the UK and Europe.
Good Luck. Lisa.

Fall Fashion Trends 2010.

I love fall fashion, even though I live in the tropics.  Many of these pieces are so appealing to me. I adore long skirts at this time of year, whether it a maxi dress or something totally adorably vintage.  I also adore wearing a romantic silk top under a jacket, so yummy don't you think.
What is your fancy for fall??? Take care everyone and have a great week.
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Monday's Inspiration: Tea and Cups.

Everyone should have the opportunity to stare at something beautiful every Monday morning.  I have dedicated this morning's post to one of my passions.

Do feel inspired today, who knows a cup of tea just might be the one thing to make everything all better. Tea Love from Lisa.
sources: and we heart it

What I'm Loving...

Such wonderful loveliness in these series of diverse images.

Don't you love large and unusual jewelry. I think I'm in heaven.

Sometimes we all just need to stare at pretty things and be in awe.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.  Stay tuned for more loveliness coming your way. Love to All.

Monday's Inspiration: Taking Initiative.

Jesus, throughout his life acted because he saw needs. He took the initiative to come to earth because our need was so great. He healed people, fed crowds, challenged, encouraged, met people and lived his life because he saw the needs surrounding him. Do we see ways we can make a difference in this world and act accordingly, or just wait to be asked or told of something that is needed. Romans 12:11… Never be lacking in zeal, but keep you spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Where can I initiate? Initiating New Relationships – Do I make a point to meet new people? We never know how something we share, or just a simple act of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes we don’t reach out because we are “all set”, failing to realize we were created to give of ourselves to those around us. This takes conviction and selflessness. In the fellowship, be conscious of meeting those who are visiting, those who are struggling and just someone you don’t know. You never kn…
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I saw this via one of my fave blogs called "Morning Light in my Room", she has an amazing eye for beauty. I hope all who stop by feel as inspired as I do by Katie Daisy's Art today.

Feel free to also visit my Pinterest, this is my new found lovely obsession.  I can't seem to get enough of it.

Love to All and Lots of Hugs. Lisa.

Here's to Pretty Little Things.

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 As you know some post don't have to make sense, or have a theme or be structured. I guess that's the beauty of blogging. I'm wondering at the moment exactly where God is taking me. I guess there is some who can relate. Have you ever wondered what's next for you???  Not in any obsessive compulsive way, but just that small nudge you feel. I'm there and I'm praying for direction. Love to all who stop by and are reading this.
Remember to always take time to appreciate the beautiful little things in this life.

Today I'm Loving...Shelves.

My most recent obsession has been how to update my shelves on a more consistent basis.  I have been looking around and I just love how personal shelves are to everyone, here are a few that caught my fancy this Saturday morning.   Have a great weekend everyone.

I love these shelves they're lovely without being too cluttered,  the inspiration board above creates a grand focal point as well.

Where would any kitchen be without shelves. I prefer open shelves to cupboards any day.
What about you????

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I also think those open shelves above are exquisite, a pale blue shelf  with all white items.
Divine don't you think?

Love to All.

Inspired Spaces: Green

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These interiors are just divine, compliments Justin Bernhaut. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm for hoping I'll be around more next week and not as busy as I have been. Much Love to all, Hugs and kisses.

Inspired spaces: Turquoise.

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Things have been very busy this month. But I couldn't resist sharing these gorgeous interiors. I'm looking forward to the weekend, to relax and catch up on my movies and books.
Luv Lisa.