Monday's Inspiration: Tea and Cups.

Everyone should have the opportunity to stare at something beautiful every Monday morning. 
I have dedicated this morning's post to one of my passions.


Do feel inspired today, who knows a cup of tea just might be the one thing to make everything all better.
Tea Love from Lisa.

sources: and we heart it


  1. I love coffee but I collect tea cups (I enjoy tea as well!). Great images Lesa!

  2. Lovely post...I too love tea and tea time!

  3. Hi there Lisa! Thank you for the kind comment! It's so important to be thankful for our blessings even when we're going through rough times! Blessings to you!

  4. Your blog is truly beautiful! Love tea cups. I am from the Caribbean and I miss it so much. Soak in a lot of sun for me- we are gearing up for winter!

  5. Loving the teacup pictures! Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart.

  6. Love your pictures. Tea is just thing to relax and soothe. Loved your blog.


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