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West Elm Summer 2011

I couldn't resist sharing this with you all. Take a peek at some of the wares West Elm has to offer this summertime. I'm loving the nautical blue hues and everything looks so dreamy and lovely. Anything by Ditte Isager always gives me pause.
I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Now that my mini break is over it's back to work this week and I'm as busy as ever. This beautiful, summery production has me dreaming of casual wine and cheese parties, close friends,  picnic weather and white sandy beaches.  What are you most looking forward to going/doing this summer???


Its Beginning to look a lot like Summer.

I'm dreaming of the bright colors of summer and of plenty of sunshine. I'm on the hunt for  new additions to my summer closet. What about you? Yellow has never been a color I've had a lot of in my closet but I'm thinking seriously of a pair of yellow sandals. Wouldn't that be great with some brightly colored nail polish. Or maybe some bangles...sigh. I can't wait to experiment. Happy Holiday everyone. Much Love Lisa.


Blue and White...Just Divine!

I adore blue and white and I have a feeling I'm rekindling a lost passion with this post.

Happy Sunday everyone, stay safe.


Getting Cozy with Patterns.

I wish I was this brave to decorate with these incredible, bright patterns.


Interview by HER. (A Featured Blogger Series) Fancy Designs.

When did you start blogging and why? I started blogging, very badly might I add, in 2008. I had very little interest in it and I was doing it halfheartedly. I still don't consider myself the best blogger but I can see I've improved greatly! I wasn't "being myself" then. I was cutting out the person I really was because I was scared of "how people would see me." I'm not a very serious person and I didn't want people to think that meant I wasn't serious about my passions and my career path, because I am. I'm just naturally silly and I would cut that out, which left my blog very stiff and unenjoyable. Initially I started blogging to share my work with my friends and family and now I've decided that I can do that and share a little bit about myself, what I find interesting, share my favorite recipes and just left my blog reflect a bit about myself without being completely silly or as dry as the Mojave!

What inspires you to …

Vacation is ON!!!!

Hello, everyone it has been another whirlwind week for me, but with lots of happy moments. As you know Wednesday was my SITS day and a big thank you to Francesca and the team at SITS. I have had the honor to meet some awesome women bloggers this week and a warm welcome to my new followers. I'm also planning another series of interviews so stay tuned, its going to be incredible meeting some very diverse women from the blogsphere.

So I'm on vacation for a week, Yipppeeee, I can't wait to wear these styles and of course filmy maxi dresses with soft fabric swaying around my feet. I can even smell the sea and surf and long cool nights sitting under the stars. I might  also book a massage if my pennies stretch that far.  Of course I'm hoping for lots of sunshine everywhere. 

Catching up on my reading would also be in order while sipping on little  drinks with colorful umbrellas and a nice tan to return  with as proof of a week well spent.  Are you planning any vacation time soon,…

My Day at SITS.

I'm so thrilled, you have no idea, this is such a great honor to be your featured blogger today over at The SITS girls.
If you're just stopping by from SITS, Welcome, Welcome! I look forward to meeting and becoming friends with you all and responding to all your comments.

I am very grateful to have had each and everyone of you my lovely friends, followers and visitors to my blog. There has been so much I have learned this past year and I could not have done it without the encouragement of the many comments I have received.  I have made some mistakes and regretfully I have had to learn somethings the hard way.  Your graciousness has been evident in this regard as well.
Blogging has been a tremendous opportunity however, for me to meet some the most creative writers, crafters, artists, photographers, decorators and those who defy being defined. SITS has been a great encouragement and support and has introduced me to some of the most incredible women bloggers. I look forwa…

Healthy Habits that Anyone Can Follow.

Breakfast Cereal with Fruit

Developing healthy habits can be overwhelming if you do not know where to start. A lot of people fail at healthy living simply because they try too many things at the same time and they end up not sticking to anything. They get back to their double cheeseburgers and “exciting” evenings in front of the TV and keep getting bigger as their health problems increase. Developing healthy habits that stick is not that complicated if you choose the simple ones and progress slowly. Here are a few healthy eating habits that you can choose from.

Sliced Fruit

Always eat a big breakfast.Add 1/2 cup of fruits to your breakfast.Drink 8 glasses of water and carry a bottle of water with you all the time.Start a food diary and track how much you are actually eating. The general guidelines are 1600 calories for women and 2200 for men (active people would obviously need more).Substitute fresh and dried fruits and berries for candies and granola bar.Eat fish on most days of…

Taste the Rainbow. The Colour Files.


Here's the deal, this season a shot of colour can definitely brighten your look. But if you 're like me and you are short of the necessary pennies, not to worry. Take some time to find those irresistible designer knock offs  and thrift deals. Besides all you need is a great shoe, a go anywhere bag and a few statement pieces of  jewellery.  I recently purchased a pair of electric blue shoes, needless to say this was stepping out of my comfort zone.  It was special to hear my 3 year old daughter say..."cool shoes Mom!" ...that was enough for me.

Happy Weekend!


Friday and The Beauty of Tea.

After a another hectic week of proposals and presentations,  I'm off to have a spot of tea and unwind to greet the weekend. Then it's off to the drive-in cinema with hubby and a late dinner.
Take care everyone and have a great weekend, whatever you do.


John Legend - Show Me


Last night I got to see the phenomenal John Legend in concert. The entire 100 minute concert was a resounding success to all who attended. A big thank you to my hubby who surprised me with tickets for our date night. I love you hunny, you are truly awesome.


Trend Inspiration: Tie Dye.

L.A.M.B Spring 2011
 Silk Tie Dye



Glamour Magazine

Tie dye is making huge waves in the sea of fashion these days, look what I found. Personally I think one or two  pieces would be quite enough for my own sense of  style.  Well a  girl can't have too much of a good thing, but I'm crazy in love with the LeBulga bag.  I could rock that bag all summer long. How are you feeling about this trend??? Yup, definitely not for the conservative of heart. Maybe, just maybe I'll try this as my next DIY fashion project and see what I come up with...Hmmmmph!!!! Stay tuned my Lovies.