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Caroline de Maigret on how to be Parisian wherever you are

Hello Lovelies, I recently found this book on Instagram, written by four french women... now how cool is that. Written by Caroline de Maigret and her three best friends —a 39-year-old who loves mannish clothes, jackets, shirts, and pants galore. Karl Lagerfeld co-opted her as one of Chanel’s ambassadors; LancĂ´me has just asked her to package her mystique into a makeup line. She’s the living epitome of a Frenchwoman living in Paris with her husband (Yarol) and son (Anton).

She’s authored one of those delightful snatch-uppable books of the “French secrets” genre: How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits (Doubleday), co-written with three of her girlfriends—writer Anne Berest, journalist and screenwriter Audrey Diwan, and movie producer Sophie Mas. It’s a compilation of essays on everything from ignoring fashion, being a french parent, underwear and men and in between. Here are a few fashion essentials:
Jeans, anytime, anywhere, and any way. Take a Parisienne's …

in search of me

Hello my Lovelies, it has been a while, and I've missed you all. You must be wondering about my blog post title, well I have been craving more alone time than usual and no I'm not depressed. But sometimes life gets complicated, plans and priorities change, and you find yourselves a bit stuck. I have been thinking about where I am going next year and the answer is I don't really know and is that bad, the not knowing. As someone who likes to know exactly where I am going, being lost doesn't feel comfortable to me.

I saw a phrase the other day that went like this " Not All Who Wander Are Lost" , very inspiring but is it true. I feel lost in almost everything I do and I can't seem to shake that feeling... is this what grief is like, after having two major losses in my life in a space of two years. Some say it's not easy having to deal with abandonment, betrayal and death. Sometimes I wonder how I've made it so far, not making sense of all happening a…

trend report: fall embellishments

Hello  my Sweeties...There are some amazing trends this fall from the runways that have translated to street style  and everyone is taking notice. I simply love the age of embellishments that we have entered into and I think it will be around for some time. I have posted here a few of my favorites from the runway and some street style to emphasis the trend happening now. I hope you fall in love with the whimsical way designers are showing this look this season.

This youthful, flirty dress is witty embellishments is by Dolce & Gabbana 2015 Fall/Winter Collection.

Burberry trench coats with studs on the sleeve and this one that has 5,000 feathers, is just stunning.

Alberta Ferretti's Fall /Winter collection has non stop embellishments that makes every woman look swoon-worthy. I adore how she used feathers, sequins, embroidered fabrics and fur in this collection. I am sure you will be thrilled to experiment with your own wardrobe this fall. Have great weekend my lovelies. so sor…