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Hello my Lovelies, it has been a while, and I've missed you all. You must be wondering about my blog post title, well I have been craving more alone time than usual and no I'm not depressed. But sometimes life gets complicated, plans and priorities change, and you find yourselves a bit stuck. I have been thinking about where I am going next year and the answer is I don't really know and is that bad, the not knowing. As someone who likes to know exactly where I am going, being lost doesn't feel comfortable to me.

I saw a phrase the other day that went like this " Not All Who Wander Are Lost" , very inspiring but is it true. I feel lost in almost everything I do and I can't seem to shake that feeling... is this what grief is like, after having two major losses in my life in a space of two years. Some say it's not easy having to deal with abandonment, betrayal and death. Sometimes I wonder how I've made it so far, not making sense of all happening around me. However each day is different and my emotions rise and fall. However my determination is to rise above the doubts and fears to find my way through this labyrinth called my life at the moment.


  1. I understand what you are saying... I often wonder how I got through the losses I have, I know eventually it will make me stronger, so that is what I hold on to... but it isn't easy... betrayal, loss, death and abandonment are not at all easy to deal with...

  2. I am so sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon...xoxo


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