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Hints of Turquoise.

{images via house beautiful, haute design, we heart it, and Kristen Hutchins}

Once again I'm posting about my beloved color turquoise. I just love the way you can easily make big statements with a dash of color or morel. Let the inspiration continue, as turquoise is still the color of the year, whether it's shabby chic, rustic country, minimalistic or modern, etc. Every decor and trend watching blog worth their weight has absolutely voted turquoise as the color of this year. So whether it's been spring or summer, fall or winter, all we see is this lovely colour making its way into our hearts and homes.
Loves and Hugs, Lisa.

View on White.

Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend to everyone. Lisa

Statement Pieces.

The collections of Sweetpea & Willow  are so exquisite they are worth taking a look at.  I just love the colors! So, if you are in need of some french decor inspiration, then head on over and browse through their wonderful collection of chairs, sofas, beds, mirrors, and lounges just to name a few! Have fun!
Loves and Hugs. Lisa

Afternoon Tea and Prayer.

Well it's the start of the week and I'm looking forward to trying out a new recipe for my afternoon tea. But my mind has been preoccupied with a talk I had with hubby last night about something he thought I should have done. I feel somewhat, ...I'm not sure what I feel and at every turn I feel like I'm going to just burst into tears. I believe God desired me to aid in a present situation, involving a teen girl and her mother, but I flat out refused to get involved, even though he asked me to. Bottom line I was scared because the Police were involved.
I however keep myself busy in order not to think to much., baking, laundry, cleaning; well you get the point. OK,yes to avoid the whole situation Can anyone relate??????  Sometimes God desires more from me than I think I'm able to give, and it makes me so MAD!!! So I guess that's where I am now.  So I'll be praying about this for sometime as I need to overcome and learn the lessons God wants to teach m…

A Weekend of Books.


This post has been inspired by the arrival of some new books I ordered some time ago.  This weekend I'm hoping to curl up and lose myself in each one.   Don't you love the smell and look of new books, that no one else has touched... I swoon, well that might sound a bit melodramatic, but pretty near to the truth. LOL I hope someone out there can relate. Tell me I'm not weird.
Have a great weekend everyone whatever you do. Lisa

Country Kitchens.


There's just something about rustic kitchens that I simply adore. I love the organized clutter of them and the relaxed, unpretentious way everything seems to fall into place and nothing stands on ceremony.  Nothing has to match or make sense and anything vintage  is welcome from the plates to recycled beams. Some how, looking at these images, I think I can smell apple pie in the oven, if I think hard enough of course.
Loves and Hugs, Lisa.

Bliss List #5

A romantic trip for two, A designer dress, probably a few. Purple shoes to adore A princess bed, for sure, Glitter in the air And lovely cupcakes, not to share.
Loves and Huggs, Lisa

Sipping Pretty.

Happy Monday everyone, there is nothing like a cup of tea to begin the day and finish the day. I have much to do this week, proposals to write, meetings to plan, spinning classes to attend, shopping for the kids, cooking meals, not to mention laundry and ironing, so wish me lots of energy everyone. Here is some lovely inspiration from me to you, enjoy!!!
And remember to take time to be alone to pray, meditate and rejuvenate. Have an inspiring week, love to all.
Lisa xx
Images from here.