Sipping Pretty.

Happy Monday everyone, there is nothing like a cup of tea to begin the day and finish the day. I have much to do this week, proposals to write, meetings to plan, spinning classes to attend, shopping for the kids, cooking meals, not to mention laundry and ironing, so wish me lots of energy everyone. Here is some lovely inspiration from me to you, enjoy!!!

And remember to take time to be alone to pray, meditate and rejuvenate. Have an inspiring week, love to all.

Lisa xx


  1. The china matches the music here today.
    Ah, such pretty teacups. Hope you are well.
    Happy Monday!;-)

  2. i'm more of a coffee girl...but these teacups are too cute!

  3. oh you share such beautiful things here, love it!
    keep it up.

    greetings from austria,

  4. Love your blog - the music and images are fabulous!

  5. @ Melanie, thank you so much for following. @ Backbone Studio, thank you also for the lovely comment.

    Lisa xxx

  6. So nice photos! I wish I could have theacups like that!

  7. I definitely agree! I can't go to bed at night without unwining with a nice cuppa tea.


  8. Just came across your wonderful blog!

    ***Tea is one of my morning essentials, I can't get enough of it!

  9. Sounds like a busy but life-filled week! Most important you are making time to pray! and drink tea ;) my fav things! hugs doll

  10. @ Kristen, I am so glad to have met you and I'm following your blog.
    @ Just like June, thank you for stopping by.
    @Taj how awesome to have you following.

    Love to all, Lisa.

  11. I love stopping by your are so great at putting the most perfect pictures together. I love your entry this time...adorable!

  12. @ Whimsy, Thank you for stopping by, I've missed seeing you.

  13. gorgeous pictures!!! i love tea and these cups were beautiful :) very nice blog!

    feel free to check out my blog:


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