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Blogging Issues

Hello my Lovelies, Please be patient with me as I try to rectify some issues I am having with my blog. However have a great week ahead and I'll be back very soon. Here are my munch-kins (Liam and Layla) frolicking in our garden. This was taken with my new Blu Smartphone..not bad.


Featuring Bridget Davis-The Internet Chef

Hello Everyone, meet Bridget - known to many as the Internet Chef. Bridget is a New Zealander, Mom,  Food writer, she can be found working in some of the best kitchens in New Zealand and Australia. I could also be found working as executive chef for New Zealand’s leading event company Orange productions and is currently indulging her pleasures working as a cooking coach, teacher and live cooking demonstrator alongside one of the best chefs in the world.

Bridget recently had the pleasure of catering for the Youtube Brand Partner Program event held here in Sydney this March. She served a menu of healthy options, sugar and gluten free sweets and lots of delicious salads. Salmon cooked sous vide, grass fed beef and a fantastic taco station kept the 2 day event fun and tasty. Check out the some of the lovely dishes below. I have been admiring her work for sometime now, so I just had to give you a peak.

 Fig and Balsamic Salad
 Bacon and Egg Pie

Quinoa Salad
Chocolate Mud with a Coconut Berries


happy weekend and leather leggings

Hello My lovelies, and here's to a fab weekend. I hope everyone had a great week, so we are ending the week here at "Girl at the Beach" with leather leggings. Leggings are very gracious regardless of your size, shape or age. Leather or faux leather it doesn't matter, you can be a budget shopper or you can splurge, it's up to you. Make no mistake these leggings are not just for biker girls and rock stars, you can make them elegant and conservative. 
From celebs to runways and now mass production, leather leggings are the must have items for 2014. If you haven’t yet jumped on the trend, it’s not too late. These classic and economically perfect bottoms are easy to add into your pre-existing closet. Here are some fantastic ways to add edge to wardrobe without spending much from your pocket.
Whose with me? I think the images are convincing me to give them a try.

Rihanna here rocking leggings, bustier, jacket with feathers and an ultra long chain... a superb look.

Believe …

what I'm loving today...

Hello my Lovelies, everyday we are need of one or two things that inspire us on to love and good deeds. Here are a few of the things I'm loving today and if you have something you are crushing on, be sure to let me know.

Awww the beach, because I do my best thinking there. Some of my bestest memories are at the beach.

Enough said, but so encouraging to the way you may think in any given situation.

and I love funky prints, this ice cone dress is divine and paired with none other than our color of the year.

bacon, bacon Baaaaconnnn! who doesn't love bacon, it's fabulous on almost anything. I usually prepare mine smothered in maple syrup.

OK, so it's food again, but I love anything that has noodles. Yum!

Totally crushing on this coffee bar and you know how I love bar carts, I think I'm obsessed actually. I think I want one.


Images via tumblr.

Spring Trend To Try: the white shirt dress



Olivia Palmero

Happy Weekend my Lovelies and TGIF, another week has bitten the dust and I've got the weekend all planned out. Firstly, I'm heading to the theater to see "300 Rise of the Empire". Also I have a picnic organized with the kids at the park, which they have been asking for and then hanging with friends Sunday evening. Which leads me to what will I be wearing. You guessed it, I'll be rocking a white shirt dress, too any of these planned outings, except the picnic, of course. What do you think of the versatile staple, for this spring?
The white shirt dress has taken many forms and celebs are rocking them as well. I've always been conservative and stayed away from the shirt dress being too short. But Solange does look fly above in her cream and white dress on the red carpet. The shirt dress can be formal or casual, however you play it, with lots of accessories or flats, it's a must have in my opini…

the lovliness of alfresco dining

Gorgeous outdoor dining like this via makes want an outdoor room with all the amenities.

Loving the cozy setting, rustic table and organic florals.

photography & event design clayton austin | flowers panacea event floral design

cheers my lovlies

Oscar Dresses (my faves).

Hello everyone here is some of my faves of the Oscar dresses to grace the red carpet last Sunday. Lupita" gown was a nairobi blue and I don't believe any of the camera shots did it justice, but she looks glowing and lovely as usual.

Charlize would look great in sackcloth and ashes if you asked me. But she looked amazing in black Doir Couture gown and Harry Winston jewels. Being only a presenter this year, I'll say she pulled out all the stops.

I loved Camila Alves dress as well, usually wives of actors fade into the background and are not given as much as a passing glance. But not so with Mrs. Matthew McConaughey. This unique yet stunning long-sleeved, semi-caped gown. With its pale pink coloring, was a little left of field – not your typical red carpet silhouette! 

Cate Blanchett’s romantic Armani gown, fixed with eclectic sequined and beaded details, could have been conjured up in a fairytale-like dream. She looked amazing. I could share about others, but we would be here …