what I'm loving today...

Hello my Lovelies, everyday we are need of one or two things that inspire us on to love and good deeds. Here are a few of the things I'm loving today and if you have something you are crushing on, be sure to let me know.

Awww the beach, because I do my best thinking there. Some of my bestest memories are at the beach.

Enough said, but so encouraging to the way you may think in any given situation.

and I love funky prints, this ice cone dress is divine and paired with none other than our color of the year.

bacon, bacon Baaaaconnnn! who doesn't love bacon, it's fabulous on almost anything. I usually prepare mine smothered in maple syrup.

OK, so it's food again, but I love anything that has noodles. Yum!

Totally crushing on this coffee bar and you know how I love bar carts, I think I'm obsessed actually. I think I want one.



  1. I'm loving that outfit. These days I want to have fun with my clothes and I want to look good. I feel good when I look good. Vanity? I hope not...

  2. Very inspirational quote and loving the outfit. Its fun and chic. The noodles look yummy, oh myyyy!! Thanks for sharing dear. :-)


  3. God is planning something better. I repeat that mantra daily.


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