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Joy is not in things, it is in us.

The Holidays are in full effect and to be honest I wasn't looking forward to spending them alone, as in without my husband. However in spite of present circumstances, I can't help but be excited to be with family, my kids and the many friends that have supported me through this present storm called my life at the moment.

I have learnt some pretty awesome lessons preparing for the Hols as a recently separated woman, and for me its all a matter of perspective, heart and mindset. Here goes...

Lesson #1.
Using good judgement -  its key to every situation you find yourself in. Its important to protect oneself, when you have been hurt by someone you have loved and trusted. To make yourself feel safe and secure and make decisions you can most benefit from.

Lesson #2.
Focus on Fairness - If we insist on fair treatment for ourselves, we can become angry and frustrated. Oswald Chambers said of our personal dealings with others, " Never look for justice but never cease to give it and nev…

crushing on this...

Lonny's new December issue was just incredible, talk about getting my creative juices flowing. Have a look at this fantastic idea of a turquoise tree. 
Of course I wouldn't buy a live tree and do this. But I do have an old pine tree that was sitting in my garage from last year. So I am totally stocked to experiment with color this year. What do you think???

As you know this is my first Christmas without my husband, its just me and the kids at this time, but we are going all out to make this season as festive as possible. 

If its one thing I've learned is that there is so much more to my life than just my marriage. I don't mean that in a bitter way at all, but seeing with new eyes what I can accomplish, standing on my own two feet has been pretty amazing. I believe resiliency is key when one is trying to weather the storms in our lives and I'm determined that whatever the outcome, I will be better for it not bitter.

So Cheers to all and stop by Lonny Mag and be inspired…

decking the halls

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house and the office. so I'm posting some much needed Christmas inspiration.  Take care my Lovelies and have a great weekend.


living on the edge

Hey my Lovelies, its so good to be back blogging, I have missed you all very much. Don't you love this edgy casual look above, its so me. 

I want to thank you all for your kind sentiments as some of you would remember my post a few weeks ago entitiled "What I have been afraid to say."

It has not been an easy few weeks and I've been thru every emotion there is to experience. I am now standing better getting into a routine with my kids and keeping them happy and inspired. 

Some of you encouraged me to stay prayerful and remain close to God thru my separation from my husband and it has helped me more than you know.

I am still very angry by the decisions he made to leave me to be with his mistress and now he has left his affair to pursue me as he wants his family back. Talk about this guy don't know what he wants. My life reads like a soap-opera at the moment. I am really confused and vulnerable right now and its not a good time to make any decisions with lasting repe…