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outdoor concert style

Heading to an outdoor Reggae festival on Sunday, and I'm not sure what to wear.
Here is some of my inspiration, hopefully it'll be a sunny day for all.

Cheers my Lovelies and have a great weekend.


gracious spaces

images via

It's been a hectic couple of weeks both physically and emotionally. But I have not neglected you lovelies nor have you been far from my mind. I have been scouting out some much needed inspiration these last few days of outdoor and indoor spaces. Here's a few that I loved.


happy weekend

Here's to another weekend, have a great time and stay tuned for more loveliness next week. Check some lovely links to inspire you as well.





mirror, mirror...

Don't you love the look mirrors give to a space... if only mirrors could speak. Have a great week everyone.

what's playing in my ear

Sometimes in life we really don't want to face hardships, hurt or pain. But it is a necessary part of life as we cannot control the thoughts or actions of others. I realize that adversity is a tool to mature us, but if I could find another way , I guess I would. 

Not all decisions are easy either, but when made we have to live with them and move on somehow with our lives. To pick up the pieces of  a heart that's broken doubtful and afraid.

But to those who have been through the fight, the insanity of the loss of love... I know you are stronger and like me keeping our eyes fixed on hope and a bright future, each day figuring out who we are and what direction we should go.