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meals in heels: jennifer joyce

Don't we all love to receive books in the mail, well I got my new cookbook and I'm over the moon. I don't remember how I found Jennifer's blog, but her cookbook Meals in Heels is a keeper for the hostess looking for brilliant and eclectic meals to treat her guest. I can't wait to try out my new cookbook, wish me luck my lovelies. Be sure to check out the sample page below for inspiration.

look of the week

There is nothing like a touch of lavender, to brighten the week.


apartment decor

Hello everyone, I am here and I've missed you all more than you know. Life has been unusual of late with me not feeling very inspired to blog, but life is like that as we prioritize what's most important. I am currently on a bit of a vacay, but work has taken up most of my time as well as my pending divorce and finding my way through the maze of pain, hurt and injustices that comes with it. Of late I have been looking for some great decor inspiration as I might be moving to a smaller space just me and the kids, but that's all it is right now looking and hoping we can leave behind the memories of what was once a happy home sooner rather than later and as finances would allow.

Don't get me wrong here our little family has gotten closer and I never thought I could be this close to my kids. They are my world and life is filled with new memories, trips to the beach and to the movies. Finding happiness and peace, has been almost effortless with God in the midst of us. I guess…