July 26, 2012

crushing on: coral and tan

Loving this combination very much. What do you think, so summery and cool at the same time.
I am looking forward to the weekend to kick back and relax. It was a tough week to say the least.

Love to All.

July 22, 2012

Girl's Night Out.

It's good to be back in the land of blogging after a little vacay in Atlanta. I hope y'all missed me. Here are some of pics of some of my sweetest friends and yours truly. Have a great week ahead everyone.


July 13, 2012

tropical prints anyone??

Rihanna reflecting her Caribbean roots in this little number.

Tropical prints are so hot this summer in all its glory. Being an island girl myself, I can ride this wave and never get off as it speaks to the spirit of who I am. At the moment I have my eyes on a sweet flowing maxi dress with coconut palm trees all around the hem. Tamu above in her bold Paul Smith jacket and her tropical shirt dress is just awesome.

dulce candy

Here's to a great weekend everyone. I will be off to Atlanta for a bit of fun but mostly business. So miss me for a while. Kisses and Hugs.

Love to All my dear Lovelies.

July 11, 2012

summer makeup obsession {cream blush}.

 This looks like the perfect summery pink blush! I’m totally a fan of peach and pink blush on Women of Color, so this gets me swooning. I know at my age my youthful, dewy skin days are gone never to return. But heck, I could still rock this look. {Smile}.

Here are a few cream blushes, I'm willing to try this summer.

MAC Azalea Blossom

This natural look is so elegant and a refreshing change from the smokey and bright looks. Another summer inspiration for all you lovely gals today. What do you think????

Hugs and Love. xx

July 09, 2012

pink and orange crush

Shoes by Kate Spade and photo by Mi Belle.


Talk about some serious wedding inspiration here.

Pink and Orange jewelry is a great way to dress up summer whites!  
Bold earrings like this is all it takes. 

 So lovely this easy, breezy summer look.


Cheers to another great summer week. Are you inspired???


July 06, 2012

Happy Weekend and Summer Prints.

Yeah Baby! I'm so crushing on this Dolce and Gabbana S/S 2012 collection and those scarf heels are to die for. Aren;t they the cutest??? This collection is sheer genius and my inspiration for my weekend. Summer doesn't get any better than this, when you rock anything from the collection. Cheers my Lovelies to an enjoyable weekend.


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July 02, 2012

Look of the Week. Met Gala - Revisited.

Solange Knowles looks stunning in this strapless Rachel Roy  
peplum number. She is glowing in yellow from her huge natural Afro to that confident strut. How is your week going?, I'm planning a week of sumptuous dinners and entertaining for a few friends, as well as  I'll be planning for my week in Atlanta coming up this month. I'm so excited.


Positve Thoughts.

A while back I read an interesting story in a parenting magazine. One mother was complaining that her son was extremely negative: no matter what he did he managed to find something negative about it. One day the family went to see a baseball game of an older brother. It was cloudy and by the time they got to the field it started raining. Of course the little boy started complaining that the game was worthless, nothing interesting was going on and he was about to catch a cold from sitting in the rain.
His mother sent him to the car alone and told him not to return until he thought of 10 positive things about that day. The boy was gone for most of the game but when he got back he was a different child. He thought of how beautiful the rain clouds were, how happy he was to have a car to sit in, how happy he was to have eaten pancakes for breakfast, etc. After that it became a tradition in that family to create a list of 10 positive things whenever anyone made a negative comment.

Create the same rule for yourself or even your family members. Whenever you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts blast them with 5-10 positive things about that particular day.

I need this. Are you ready?
This week track every negative thought or comment that you  make.
  • For each negative thought that you have think or (even better) write down 3-5 positive things.
  • Take your family members, friends or even colleagues on board. It will improve not only your wellbeing but also your relationships with people around you. Consider it a fun challenge for a week.
  • Share with me your positive thoughts that you came up with to beat your negativity (it's totally optional, but I think it will be fun for both of us.)

(excerpt from balanceinme.com)


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