Positve Thoughts.

A while back I read an interesting story in a parenting magazine. One mother was complaining that her son was extremely negative: no matter what he did he managed to find something negative about it. One day the family went to see a baseball game of an older brother. It was cloudy and by the time they got to the field it started raining. Of course the little boy started complaining that the game was worthless, nothing interesting was going on and he was about to catch a cold from sitting in the rain.
His mother sent him to the car alone and told him not to return until he thought of 10 positive things about that day. The boy was gone for most of the game but when he got back he was a different child. He thought of how beautiful the rain clouds were, how happy he was to have a car to sit in, how happy he was to have eaten pancakes for breakfast, etc. After that it became a tradition in that family to create a list of 10 positive things whenever anyone made a negative comment.

Create the same rule for yourself or even your family members. Whenever you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts blast them with 5-10 positive things about that particular day.

I need this. Are you ready?
This week track every negative thought or comment that you  make.
  • For each negative thought that you have think or (even better) write down 3-5 positive things.
  • Take your family members, friends or even colleagues on board. It will improve not only your wellbeing but also your relationships with people around you. Consider it a fun challenge for a week.
  • Share with me your positive thoughts that you came up with to beat your negativity (it's totally optional, but I think it will be fun for both of us.)

(excerpt from balanceinme.com)



  1. I love this idea! I can always use MORE gratitude in my life. Right now I am so very grateful for the miracle RAINS we've been experiencing! I'm grateful we are almost finished with the addition to the house and the 2-years worth of remodeling (oh BOY am I grateful). Most of all, I am very grateful to e-friends like you who inspire in so many ways!


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