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around my house

 Hello everyone, I found a new purpose for my grand-mum's old Singer sewing machine. Taddah!!!! A little wine bar, who knew. I also placed a cake stand for selection of cheeses and fruit. As this old Singer is on wheels , I could easily move it to the porch or another area of the living room. 

Next time I'll style it for tea or a breakfast brunch. I"m loving how well my little project came out. So stay tuned for more "around the house" post as well as. Cheers my Lovelies.


happy weekend and little ballerinas

Well everyone I got through my little daughter's first dance production, this past week. Needless to say she was a natural on stage and that's my total unbiased opinion. Smile!!!! They danced their hearts out and everyone enjoyed the show entitled "Glorious".

On the second night of the show, I was roped in to help backstage with makeup and dressing the 3-5 year old section  and I had a blast, here are a few pics I snapped while the girls were waiting for their number to start. Aren't they beautiful ?

There is Layla in the middle, looking complete with headpiece and make up. I had such a great time making up the girls and they have called me "The Glitter Mum", because once I started mixing their makeup with the bright colored glitter; it was all over. Everyone just had to have it, so just call me 'Glitter Mum' from now on because "glitter makes everything better."
Cheers to a great weekend everyone.

bar cart styling

images via pinterest and society social

Enough said don't you think. Bar cart anyone??? I think a summery themed bar cart would be the order of the day. I would  display tropical fruits like pineapples and mangoes, with a chilled sangria...yum,  and a refreshing collection of Moscato wines. 
 Happy 4th of July my Lovelies, to those of you, who are celebrating.