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 Hello everyone, I found a new purpose for my grand-mum's old Singer sewing machine. Taddah!!!! A little wine bar, who knew. I also placed a cake stand for selection of cheeses and fruit. As this old Singer is on wheels , I could easily move it to the porch or another area of the living room. 

Next time I'll style it for tea or a breakfast brunch. I"m loving how well my little project came out. So stay tuned for more "around the house" post as well as. Cheers my Lovelies.



  1. I love it! Gorgeous paint color too :)

  2. The painting is so lovely. Adore the colours and form

  3. the decor is so pretty in it's simplicity!

  4. Nice of you to follow :)
    Maybe i aught to do one of these posts as well ...

    Have a great day from a sunny Oslo...

  5. It looks so inviting...but the painting has absolutely got my attention! It is quite stunning. So dramatic and so very beautiful.

    Thank you for your lovely comment ...delightful to jump across and discover your own lovely blog in return.

  6. lol
    I so remember my granny having of those machines. Such a clever use lady. Hope all is well on the rock.

  7. Why, why, why didn't I learn this BEFORE I gave away my gram's sewing machine? What a perfect idea - you are so smart!


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