June 30, 2011

Sweet Paul Magazine - 2011 Summer Issue.

Today, my day has been refreshed by the discovery of the new, summer issue of Sweet Paul Magazine. I found it via Sweet Eventide blog of which I am a new follower. I'm just loving the summer meals that have been featured in this issue, summer soups, salads, desserts, drinks and sweet craft ideas. Well as you could quite imagine I have been oooohing and aaaahing over this gorgeous issue, so I had to leave you all with a sneak peek.

I can't believe its summer already, so let Sweet Paul put you in the mood with its fresh from the garden recipes, summer cakes and seafood meals. So I'm off  to enjoy all this lovely sunshine and what it will bring with it this summer. Be sure to visit Sweet Paul online mag or purchase your own copy here.


June 28, 2011

Bread Love.

As I have the day off today, I'm dreaming of being in the comfort of my rustic, country kitchen with the smell of freshly baked bread in the air. So I've pulled together a few recipes to share with you today. They are quite easy and not too labour intensive so enjoy.
Also check out my new Pinterest board here entitled 
" Breads, Buns and Baguettes". Have a great day my lovelies, I'm off to the market now, I might even throw in a an Angel Food Cake for supper with friends this evening. YUM!!! Cheers.


June 25, 2011

Weekend Bliss

Summer weather is warm and humid here in the Caribbean. With lazy walks on the beach and eating delicious fresh foods. My summer reading list has started and I'm in bliss. So this is just a quick post to say "Happy Weekend" and I'm back to my Pina Colada Smoothie and my first book for the summer by "Harlan Coben".

Tomorrow some of my girlfriends and I are getting all dressed up for our annual Women's Day at our church which will be super and I will be sure to post some pics for you all to see. 
Have a great weekend all.


June 22, 2011

Elephant Love

This is from world renowned jeweler Cartier. The prices are assuredly obsolete as this was created before 1992 ...  Collector's  item.

Fluid 18K yellow gold necklace in a parade of twenty-four large and small elephants, each detailed with an emerald eye.  Weight 133.03 grams. OK, I'll settle for the knock-off.

Wren Purple Elephant print dress via Ployvore

 elephant salute scarf anthropologie

Floor Cushion anthropologie

Cirque Dress anthropologie

 Kenneth Jay Lane Elephant Bangle in Black. 
Also in turquoise, purple, white, black and white.

Parade Silver Pendants by Umbrella Prints

Elephant Print Jersey Dress by JC De Castelbajac

  The Judith Leiber Maharaja Elephant Minaudier

This little guy was made with hand beaded Australian crystals. Pictures just can’t do it justice. It’s gorgeous. It has a push lock clasp on the top and at delicate gold chain tucked inside in case a girl wants her hands free. Beware, it will put you in debt, however for a cool
$5,995.00 Neiman Marcus

Fossil Coin Purse


 I hope everyone has enjoyed all my gorgeous finds. Elephants seems to be cropping up more and more these days whether its in the movies, accessories or fashion. I'll definitely be on the lookout for some more gorgeous finds.

Checkout my pinterest here. I'm inspired to start a new board devoted entirely to elephants.

Much Love to All, 




June 20, 2011

What's for Dinner: Stuffed Shells.

You can make the components for this a couple days ahead of time if needed - i.e. sauce, filling. Also, you won't be able to fit 25-30 shells in your pan, but a few are always casualties of the boil, so I call for more than you'll likely need.

zest of one lemon

1/3 cup / 80 ml extra virgin olive oil, plus more for the pan
1 1/2 teaspoons crushed red pepper flakes
scant 3/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
4 medium cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 28-ounce can crushed red tomatoes
1 14-ounce can crushed red tomatoes

1 15-ounce container ricotta cheese
1 egg, beaten
1/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
1 cup / ~5 oz grated mozzarella
1 bunch of chives, chives
25-30 jumbo dried pasta shells

Oil a 13 x 9-inch / 33 x 23-cm baking pan, or equivalent, and sprinkle the zest of 1/2 the lemon across it. Set aside. Get a big pot of water boiling, and preheat your oven to 350F / 180C with a rack in the middle.

To make the sauce, combine the olive oil, red pepper flakes, sea salt, and garlic in a cold saucepan. Stir while you heat the saucepan over medium-high heat. Saute just 45 seconds or so until everything is fragrant - you don't want the garlic to brown. Now stir in the tomatoes and heat to a gentle simmer, just a minute or two. Remove from heat and carefully take a taste (you don't want to burn your tongue)...If the sauce needs more salt add it now. Let cool.

 Images and Recipe via 101 Cookbooks.

To make the filling, combine the ricotta, egg, and salt in a medium bowl. Mix until combined, then stir in the mozzarella, remaining lemon zest, and 3/4 of the chives. Set aside.
Cook the shells according to package instructions in well-salted water - until al dente. If you overcook, the shells will tear as you attempt to fill them. Drain and let cool long enough to handle with your hands - see photo.

Spread 1/3 of sauce across the bottom of the prepared pan. Fill each shell with ricotta, and arrange in a single layer in the pan. Ladle the remaining sauce over the shells, cover with foil and bake for 45 minutes or until the shells are cooked through - uncover for the final 15 minutes. Sprinkle with the remaining chives and serve hot.

Serves 4 - 6.

Prep time: 30 min - Cook time: 45 min
Have a delicious week everyone.

June 18, 2011

Whose your Daddy????

Happy Father's Day from Liam, Layla and Lisa. 
Thank you for being the greatest.

Big Hugs and Kisses.


June 10, 2011

The Story of the Unusual Grilled Cheese.

Well, it another Friday and I can't wait to jet out of the office. I've had enough work for one week. Don't get me wrong it has been very productive week and now all I want to do is relax with my kids and Hubbykins. So have a great weekend everyone. But before I go, here is something to sink your teeth into.

Now if you’re anything like me then you'll love anything that's grilled cheese. If so you'll love and adore  The Grilled Cheese Social  that provides all the necessary instructions to do just that. Written by MacKenzie Smith, the blog features all sorts of new (and delicious) takes on the classic grilled sandwich, and includes step-by-step directions and ingredient lists. Some of my faves are “The Little Boy Blue” sandwich;  “Pizza Party Grilled Cheese.” and the Mexican  “Señor Snappy” recipe which includes jalapeños, roast pork, red onions and guess what plantains...YUM. Check out this blog, but be careful if you're counting calories and watching your BMI (Body Mass Index) closely. No matter how you like it, there’s a grilled cheese something out there for everyone!


June 08, 2011

Under the Trees Entertaining.

I wish my garden looked like this for entertaining, how dreamy is this.

The weather is just right here now, lots of sun with just the right amount of cloud cover with cool breezes. The only dilemma I face is what will I serve. Anyone has a fave summer meal to recommend???

A hammock and a picnic is never out of style. 

All images via Pinterest.

 Whether its under the trees or in the garden, I love entertaining outdoors. I find myself longing for the ray of the sun and the peaceful sound of wind everywhere. I'm dreaming of gorgeous dresses, simple meals, natural wines, tea and lots of good friends to pass the time.

 Love to All who are dreaming of summer days to come.


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