The Story of the Unusual Grilled Cheese.

Well, it another Friday and I can't wait to jet out of the office. I've had enough work for one week. Don't get me wrong it has been very productive week and now all I want to do is relax with my kids and Hubbykins. So have a great weekend everyone. But before I go, here is something to sink your teeth into.

Now if you’re anything like me then you'll love anything that's grilled cheese. If so you'll love and adore  The Grilled Cheese Social  that provides all the necessary instructions to do just that. Written by MacKenzie Smith, the blog features all sorts of new (and delicious) takes on the classic grilled sandwich, and includes step-by-step directions and ingredient lists. Some of my faves are “The Little Boy Blue” sandwich;  “Pizza Party Grilled Cheese.” and the Mexican  “Señor Snappy” recipe which includes jalapeños, roast pork, red onions and guess what plantains...YUM. Check out this blog, but be careful if you're counting calories and watching your BMI (Body Mass Index) closely. No matter how you like it, there’s a grilled cheese something out there for everyone!



  1. This is so evil Lisa! I'm starving now!

  2. OMG...checking it out so hungry and i LOVE CHEESE

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. Looks delish,grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort! Happy weekend doll! xo

  4. p.s. a looong time ago (ok Aprilish) you asked me if I was launching a beauty line ;) And I am in the lab right now working on the formulas. I haven't announced it yet since the details are still getting fined tuned annd I'm so nervous and a lil scared but I'm faithing it girl! It's been one of my dreams and I was reading back on your story about your business and your ups and downs and it def gave me some encouragment today ;) Thanks for being open and sharing! xo -Taj

  5. oh cruel world - I am on a diet (countdown to bikini time!) otherwise I would have gone and whipped up one of these delicious babies right now.


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