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letting go...

I have been missing everyone here at the blog and being able to visit others. Well first let me say thank you to all of you who have sent regards and inspiration to me over the last five  months of my separation from my husband.

I am grateful for the strength I've been able to muster, to let go and try to move on with my life, which is still not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It's not that I don't care, it's that I can't let myself care anymore.

I have had enough, enough pain, enough hurt, enough lies and enough deception. ENOUGH! I must let go now, let go of my love for him, my dreams with him and my memories of him - in order that I might begin to live again, trust again and someday love again. Sounds harsh, doesn't it, but its my reality. I have thought about taking him back many times, and not letting 15 yrs of marriage go down the drain. But I love him more to give him his freedom and wish him well.

Life is too precious to live in bitterness and …

the white start

With the new year in full swing and all the trimmings of the holidays back in their boxes, we start think of how to refresh our decor. I have been drawn to lovely homes and rooms painted in muted tones of white, how gorgeous they all seem. 

Stay tuned for more loveliness in the coming weeks.

happy 2013 my peeps

What a world wind year 2012 was, now with a new attitude and new rules lets celebrate life, loved ones and the future, to whatever it may hold.