letting go...

I have been missing everyone here at the blog and being able to visit others. Well first let me say thank you to all of you who have sent regards and inspiration to me over the last five  months of my separation from my husband.

I am grateful for the strength I've been able to muster, to let go and try to move on with my life, which is still not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It's not that I don't care, it's that I can't let myself care anymore.

I have had enough, enough pain, enough hurt, enough lies and enough deception. ENOUGH! I must let go now, let go of my love for him, my dreams with him and my memories of him - in order that I might begin to live again, trust again and someday love again. Sounds harsh, doesn't it, but its my reality. I have thought about taking him back many times, and not letting 15 yrs of marriage go down the drain. But I love him more to give him his freedom and wish him well.

Life is too precious to live in bitterness and revenge and that will take time for me to work through with counselling. I want to be a better person...STRONG, RESILIENT and LOVING  person. I want my daughter to grow up a strong woman who doesn't live with low self esteem or insecurity. Also for my son to understand that cheating, lies and deceit is no way to love someone.

Take care and I promise a less heavier post next time folks, I had a lot on my heart. Cheers and have a great week ahead.



  1. Hey Lisa....been thinking about you - up to this afternoon. I'm touched by your vulnerability...Will keep you in my prayers, my ed friend.

  2. Hello Lisa!
    I can only imagine how this kind of life-change affects your day-to-day life. From your words, I can tell that you are a strong woman and dealing with your circumstances. Like you, I would rather let go than live a lie with someone who hurts me, continuously. Ask the Lord for discernment and leave your heart open. He will give you the guidance and next steps that you need. When the hurt rises, push it back down in prayer and praise. I have done this with other hurtful circumstances in my life and it works-He works. Many blessings and prayers are coming your way!

  3. hey lisa! i like the way you are thinking doll. have faith and trust in GOD! when you truly let go, he will bless you endlessly. again, think of it as a blessing! your ex is going down a dark road hun. don't follow him or be a part of that. keep moving forward. don't look back!

  4. Thanks for sharing this Lisa, stay strong xx

  5. Oh hon, had hoped this wasn't the issue you're dealing with. So, so sorry. But loving your positive approach. A good man who loves you doesn't lie or cheat. I've been there and trust me when I say there is someone SO much more deserving of your love waiting in the wings. He just needs you to make some room. Be blessed.


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