happy weekend and little ballerinas

Well everyone I got through my little daughter's first dance production, this past week. Needless to say she was a natural on stage and that's my total unbiased opinion. Smile!!!! They danced their hearts out and everyone enjoyed the show entitled "Glorious".

On the second night of the show, I was roped in to help backstage with makeup and dressing the 3-5 year old section  and I had a blast, here are a few pics I snapped while the girls were waiting for their number to start. Aren't they beautiful ?

There is Layla in the middle, looking complete with headpiece and make up. I had such a great time making up the girls and they have called me "The Glitter Mum", because once I started mixing their makeup with the bright colored glitter; it was all over. Everyone just had to have it, so just call me 'Glitter Mum' from now on because "glitter makes everything better."

Cheers to a great weekend everyone.



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