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Hello everyone, I am here and I've missed you all more than you know. Life has been unusual of late with me not feeling very inspired to blog, but life is like that as we prioritize what's most important. I am currently on a bit of a vacay, but work has taken up most of my time as well as my pending divorce and finding my way through the maze of pain, hurt and injustices that comes with it. Of late I have been looking for some great decor inspiration as I might be moving to a smaller space just me and the kids, but that's all it is right now looking and hoping we can leave behind the memories of what was once a happy home sooner rather than later and as finances would allow.

Don't get me wrong here our little family has gotten closer and I never thought I could be this close to my kids. They are my world and life is filled with new memories, trips to the beach and to the movies. Finding happiness and peace, has been almost effortless with God in the midst of us. I guess He is amazing like that, holding all of us in the palm of His hand. We all have plans some expected and some well thrust upon us, like being a single mum was not what I had planned for my life, and there was no adjustment period, it was either sink or swim.  Looking back I realize I made the right choices as kids are very resilient and are happier when they are spared the strife and drama of a selfish parent, or I should say a parent in crisis.

Looking at all these lovely images gives me hope for the future and the possibilities that may lie ahead and I am currently pinning this decor space for future reference because I love everything, especially the sassy space saving ideas. I adore the column of books next to the bar cart as well as that stainless steel shelving in the kitchen, making everything accessible.

Well take care my lovelies and in the mean time please bear with me if my visits are sporadic, but know "Girl at the Beach" is going nowhere.

images via the everygirl

Cheers Lisa.


  1. Hi sweet friend

    I recently starting blogging again and it sure feels good.
    I didn't know about your divorce. I'm so sorry. But, I'm impressed and happy with your positive attitude. Attitude is important! Love the photos. Lots of really good ideas. Can't wait to follow along and see what you do.
    Hang in there.


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