Joy is not in things, it is in us.

The Holidays are in full effect and to be honest I wasn't looking forward to spending them alone, as in without my husband. However in spite of present circumstances, I can't help but be excited to be with family, my kids and the many friends that have supported me through this present storm called my life at the moment.

I have learnt some pretty awesome lessons preparing for the Hols as a recently separated woman, and for me its all a matter of perspective, heart and mindset. Here goes...

Lesson #1.
Using good judgement -  its key to every situation you find yourself in. Its important to protect oneself, when you have been hurt by someone you have loved and trusted. To make yourself feel safe and secure and make decisions you can most benefit from.

Lesson #2.
Focus on Fairness - If we insist on fair treatment for ourselves, we can become angry and frustrated. Oswald Chambers said of our personal dealings with others, " Never look for justice but never cease to give it and never allow anything you meet with to sour your relationship to men through Jesus Christ.

Lesson #3.
Be Vulnerable - Vulnerability is the truest measure of courage there is any human being. Staying open, honest and true to feelings has proved to be priceless. Being vulnerable allows us to draw on a strength we might otherwise not find inwardly to cope with mental and emotional stresses.
Vulnerability can be the beginning of change and innovation of oneself.

Take care everyone and have a cheerful and warm Christmas with your loved ones this season. 



  1. I wish I had half of your strength!

  2. Take care Lesa and Merry Christmas to you! Lots of hugs:-). XX

  3. Season greetings have a restful and joyous holiday


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