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Lonny's new December issue was just incredible, talk about getting my creative juices flowing. Have a look at this fantastic idea of a turquoise tree. 
Of course I wouldn't buy a live tree and do this. But I do have an old pine tree that was sitting in my garage from last year. So I am totally stocked to experiment with color this year. What do you think???

As you know this is my first Christmas without my husband, its just me and the kids at this time, but we are going all out to make this season as festive as possible. 

If its one thing I've learned is that there is so much more to my life than just my marriage. I don't mean that in a bitter way at all, but seeing with new eyes what I can accomplish, standing on my own two feet has been pretty amazing. I believe resiliency is key when one is trying to weather the storms in our lives and I'm determined that whatever the outcome, I will be better for it not bitter.

So Cheers to all and stop by Lonny Mag and be inspired.



  1. That's a gorgeous favourite colour!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year...let all the sad times stay in this year and look to a brighter one full of happiness for you & your children, because they love you and you'll never be alone with them!! Many blessings to you!! xx

  2. Awww Lesa,
    Sorry I wasn't around to hug and console you in your time of need. I'm just seeing that you're now without your hubby. During difficult times my mantra is "This too shall pass" and lots of prayers. Lots of hugs to you and I know you'll rebound beautifully. I adore the space and the tree too. Much love my sista!

  3. hey girl! i'm so happy to see you posting. you're going to be just fine! keep moving forward and don't look back. LOVE that tree!!! i want a color tree! hahaha

  4. I love the blue Christmas tree too. I am sure it will be a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Dropping by to say hello! Love, love, love this! Got my creative juices flowing too, lol! Have a great week!


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