happy weekend and leather leggings

Hello My lovelies, and here's to a fab weekend. I hope everyone had a great week, so we are ending the week here at "Girl at the Beach" with leather leggings. Leggings are very gracious regardless of your size, shape or age. Leather or faux leather it doesn't matter, you can be a budget shopper or you can splurge, it's up to you. Make no mistake these leggings are not just for biker girls and rock stars, you can make them elegant and conservative. 

From celebs to runways and now mass production, leather leggings are the must have items for 2014. If you haven’t yet jumped on the trend, it’s not too late. These classic and economically perfect bottoms are easy to add into your pre-existing closet. Here are some fantastic ways to add edge to wardrobe without spending much from your pocket.

Whose with me? I think the images are convincing me to give them a try.

Rihanna here rocking leggings, bustier, jacket with feathers and an ultra long chain... a superb look.

Believe it or not, leather leggings are actually one of the easiest things to style. Once you find your perfect pair, you can typically team it well, with almost anything. There are just a few essentials to remember and you are good to go.

Before deciding how to wear leather leggings, get the basics right! 

The most essential thing when picking your pair of leather leggings is the fit. Picking the pair that’s too loose will simply make you look oomph; while choosing too tight ones may make you feel uncomfortable and may form wrinkles, not mention hard to walk. Thus, before making a purchase, always make sure to give a try.

Don’t get discouraged as there are varied of different textures and styles these days, from slouchy to shiny or panel to skinny. If you want to achieve a slimmer appeal, look for panels. Leather fabric naturally has a perfect illusion to hide flaws and flaunt your good side. Shinier styles will always grasp the eye immediately, so make sure whether you want your curves to be focused on or not. 

So, dare to rock the stunning cut or slouchy leather leggings. 
You will find innumerable styles in stores. 

Images: weenblog, syndesyle.com, thebestfashionblog, leatherfads.com

Happy Weekend.



  1. As noted by all the skinny women in your post, leggings really aren't for short, plus sized women! Fergie is as close to plus up there as it gets in fantasy land and she's not, really. But they are gorgeous, for sure. I love the look of them but they aren't for me.

  2. leather leggings are so cool.

  3. I have a pair of these, though I have yet to wear them so far!! I think their really cool :) Have a great week doll, Kizzy xx

  4. I have a pair of leather leggings, but I don't wear them as much because I don't think I look as good in them as I should, lol. But yes to giving them a try.



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