Country Kitchens.


There's just something about rustic kitchens that I simply adore. I love the organized clutter of them and the relaxed, unpretentious way everything seems to fall into place and nothing stands on ceremony. 
Nothing has to match or make sense and anything vintage  is welcome from the plates to recycled beams. Some how, looking at these images, I think I can smell apple pie in the oven, if I think hard enough of course.

Loves and Hugs, Lisa.


  1. Hi Lisa, did you know that my dream house has a country kitchen? Well, the second kitchen I mean :D

    Great pictures. Have a great one.

  2. I'm from the South, so I'm partial to country kitchens!! I love the warmth they provide. I have fond memories of my grandmother's kitchen - the smell of coffee (made the old fashioned way), homemade biscuits and fresh cantaloupe!! Good days. Have a wonderful evening and thanks for helping bring back that nice memory!

  3. I love love love rustic country kitchens that look like people live in them, and actually use them!

    Your blog is just so wonderful, i'm in love!


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