Trend Inspiration: Tie Dye.

 L.A.M.B Spring 2011

 Silk Tie Dye



Glamour Magazine

Tie dye is making huge waves in the sea of fashion these days, look what I found. Personally I think one or two  pieces would be quite enough for my own sense of  style.  Well a  girl can't have too much of a good thing, but I'm crazy in love with the LeBulga bag.  I could rock that bag all summer long.
How are you feeling about this trend??? Yup, definitely not for the conservative of heart.
Maybe, just maybe I'll try this as my next DIY fashion project and see what I come up with...Hmmmmph!!!! Stay tuned my Lovies.



  1. I can't decide how I'm feeling about the tie dye trend. Maybe in moderation?? I do love the dress in the 5th image, I would certainly rock that!

  2. Love the handbag too. I'd have to wear it on the top only. A little too bold for my short statue. I'd look like I fell in a bottle of bleach!

  3. My little sister is OBSESSED with tie dye - she's always making her own (she's quite good at it now, too!).

    Just discovered your blog and will be following from now on - would be great if you stopped by mine sometime (and followed me too!).

    Andrea x

  4. Great post- I actually really like those tie dye jeans! Hard to pull off, but look cool!!

  5. Stopping by from SITS!

    Can you please just come be my personal shopper???


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