Fall Fashion Trends 2010.

Animal Prints
Jewelled Hues
Long Skirts
I love fall fashion, even though I live in the tropics.  Many of these pieces are so appealing to me.
I adore long skirts at this time of year, whether it a maxi dress or something totally adorably vintage.  I also adore wearing a romantic silk top under a jacket, so yummy don't you think.

What is your fancy for fall???
Take care everyone and have a great week.



  1. i love this years' take on fall fashion...the layers, the camel coloured coats, stockings, capes...im totally looking fwd to experimenting with these!

  2. Hi Lesa!!!! I love fall fashion too. Boots, boots, boots. I'm waiting on the weather here in the desert to cool off so I can wear my boots.

  3. Autumn Fashion - right in time for the autumn leaves of red and gold. I adore the warm camel-coloured coats - that colour always remind me of the wallnut - coloured leaves of autumn outside my window. Warmly hopes you are well. XX

  4. Boots, boots and more boots! That's what I look forward to when Autumn arrives in England! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog - you made me laugh - I LOVE tea too! Lucky you to enjoy sunshine all year 'round. My parents live in Grenada and I get there every few years - not often enough though! I shall have to enjoy a daily dose of sunshine through your lovely blog! xx

  5. oh Lisa I am sorry you have missed out on my giveaway. I will make my next one an international entry, thank you so much for following me.



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