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Monday's Inspiration: Taking Initiative.

 Jesus, throughout his life acted because he saw needs. He took the initiative to come to earth because our need was so great. He healed people, fed crowds, challenged, encouraged, met people and lived his life because he saw the needs surrounding him. Do we see ways we can make a difference in this world and act accordingly, or just wait to be asked or told of something that is needed.
Romans 12:11… Never be lacking in zeal, but keep you spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.
Where can I initiate?
Initiating New Relationships – Do I make a point to meet new people? We never know how something we share, or just a simple act of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes we don’t reach out because we are “all set”, failing to realize we were created to give of ourselves to those around us. This takes conviction and selflessness. In the fellowship, be conscious of meeting those who are visiting, those who are struggling and just someone you don’t know. You never know how God will use our initiative.
Do I continue to meet those around me in order to share the amazing message of Jesus?
 Initiating in Old Relationships/strengthening – We can take those we know for granted, and fail to persevere in encouragement and strengthening. Remember ways that that you have been refreshed, encouraged, strengthened and called higher by someone taking time to really be involved in your life.
 Initiating in meeting needs/encouraging the body – There are always those who are sick, hospitalized, shut in, grieving, struggling financially, having a new baby, etc. who need help. Do we assume “someone will take care of it”, or do we act to either respond personally or help to make sure needs are being met?
 Initiating personal growth/getting advice in marriage, parenting – When is the last time you asked another for ways they thought you could grow in your character, effectiveness, walk with God, etc. How often do we seek input for personal growth in our marriage and parenting? Those who grow are humble learners. We never get too “mature” to need others to sharpen us.
What are ways can I initiate?
  • Cards
  • Phone calls
  • Setting up times to encourage one another
  • Hospitality
  • Taking a meal to someone...
  • Bringing refreshments
  • Offering to help/share in a Sector or Family Group Service
  • Sending a note/thought to be shared during an activity that you will be absent from
  • Plus many other creative ideas
How can I become a great initiator?
I won’t, if I sit back and wait.
  • Take a spiritual check for my zeal / spiritual fervor
  • Consider. Take time to think about how you can grow in taking initiative
  • Spur one another on
  • Encourage someone
  • Ask yourself if your lifestyle reflects the scripture “Make every effort.”
  • Be creative in ways to initiate. If this doesn’t come easily ask others for ideas
Take time to…
  • Meditate, day dream, prepare to serve others
  • Learn to offer; don’t wait to be asked J
  • Jot things down - Our lives are busy; learn to think on the run, and save your thoughts for later. Then, you can go off to the next thing, but still remember your idea how you can encourage others.
Get organized; Use a calendar; Make lists and write your ideas down…
Let’s be women that are expecting God to work through us!
Eph 2:10
For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
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  1. A wonderfully inspirational post.
    Words to live by and to keep in one's mind always.

  2. Excellent post. There are so many more ways a person can be more giving and taking initiative, as this has been on my mind I'm looking for ways to do more, I try to always give encouragine words.
    Hope you are having a great week Lisa.

  3. Though provoking and inspirational, thank you for sharing


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