Here's to Pretty Little Things.

Teacups and Saucer
Tiny Antique Brooches

Little Ballerina Adornments

Moroccan Tea Glasses and  Tea Lantern
 Little Cake Stands via Style Me Pretty
A Tiny Crystal Vase
 As you know some post don't have to make sense, or have a theme or be structured. I guess that's the beauty of blogging. I'm wondering at the moment exactly where God is taking me.
I guess there is some who can relate. Have you ever wondered what's next for you??? 
Not in any obsessive compulsive way, but just that small nudge you feel.
I'm there and I'm praying for direction. Love to all who stop by and are reading this.

Remember to always take time to appreciate the beautiful little things in this life.



  1. have I ever? Only all the time :-)

    Gorgeous pics!

  2. I'm right there, wondering what's next for me as well. Listening for the answer. Let's pray we always walk in the right direction :)


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