Our Ponds at Home.

Here are some pictures of some of the ponds in my garden. My husband has a passion for Japanese Koi so I'm surrounded by ponds that have been designed into the landscape around our home. So with very young children, lets say I'm beyond paranoid of them falling in and Lord forbid drowning. Many of the fish we raise are for sale and only a select few we keep as breeders.  Sometimes we have tours through the garden, which is always fun, especially school tours. For my husband this is a labour of love, which consumes him pretty much all day. Six years ago he quit his going -no-where-in-a-hurry job, to start his very own pond business. Now we have a thriving business but more importantly my husband is happy doing what he loves,...shouldn't we all.

We have recently started trying our hands to fish farming: Tilapia (fresh water fish), but it has been slow going, to meet the demand that is out there right now. We are hoping to find more land space so we can build a bigger farm. But with everything it takes...you know what,...Money. 
For me, everything in its own time, I'm not worrying, or so I tell myself. Hmmmmph!

What are some of the things you dream of accomplishing? Maybe its a business you wish to start, write a book, etc. My husband is truly an inspiration to me because he is living his bliss.

Love Lisa.


  1. What beautiful ponds you have in your garden. I love the blue lily flowers. Good luck with your venture into fish farming.

  2. There is something so peaceful about watching fish swim in a natural environment. You are so right about the importance of doing what we love. Of course money is always a sticky thorn that may try to keep us from it but at the end of the day, true happiness doesn't come with a price tag.
    Best of luck with your fish farming! Slow and steady wins the race. :)

  3. Hey Lisa :)

    Now this? IS beautiful!!! It's just excellent. My dream is open a purse boutique soon. I want to call it; "Lovely Me" or Messi Floor" (probably messi floor because that's the name of the designs). I'm looking into it now, perhaps, if all goes well....it'll be premiering before the middle of Fall or end of year. I'm praying and keeping my finger's crossed!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Have a fab day :)

  4. Lisa, these are just gorgeous!!! How wonderful to have such a peaceful place. I would love to have a barn some day. Not quite as peaceful as a koi pond, but maybe the pond could be behind the barn?

  5. Beautiful blog, thanks for dropping by Chillibibi, nice to see a friendly caribbean face on blogger! Will be back


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