Vacationing by the beach.

So here I am on holiday and enjoying every minute of it and missing my kids.We called yesterday to see how they were doing at Grandma because this is the first time I've been away this long from them. 
I guess you can't go on vacation from being a Mom. Anyway I'm still on my anniversary break at this incredible hotel (see pics above) by the sea, so I'll touch base next week with everyone. 
Bye for now. Love Lisa. 
Thanks again to all my new friends for stopping by, have a great weekend.


  1. Hi sweetie! Hope you're having a wonderful vacation! I just saw that you're a follower of GirlWhimsy & that we have a blog friend in common, the dear Tuesdai. I'm glad I found you & I am now a follower of your lovely blog, too!

    From one Chic Chick to the Other!

  2. P.S., I added you to my blog roll! Continue to enjoy your get away, sweet lady!


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