Caribbean Fashion Week 2010.

Featured designers: Born as a Ragamuffin, Keneea Linton, NKWO, Shakad, Gavin Douglas, Poshe, 
Romero Bryan, Meiling, Biggy, Yahuda, Deola Sagoe, Rachael Lym and Denis Devaed.

Regional and international buyers flock to Kingston's National Indoor Sports Centre, Jamaica every summer for Caribbean Fashion Week. World-famous designers showcase their
latest lines and fashionistas attend catwalks and glitzy events.
Event date: 8-14th June 2010. 
Good luck to all our designers this year. Personally I can't wait to see what this year fashion trends will be,  
go here to see more Caribbean Fashion.
Designer:Yahuda (middle).

All the jewelry in her collection is handmade by her as well. She is a lovely,
talented woman who I personally adore.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Much Love Lisa.


  1. This is so cool! colorful and gorgeous.

  2. Great post to highlight such a talented designer. The clothing is unique and uplifting, and the jewelery is out of this world! I love it.


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