happy weekend and african awareness day

 Today is African Awareness day at the kids school, so I took my camera along to snap to a few pics. They were pretty excited about it as I got these cute outfits made for them to commemorate the day of activities. Layla's wooden bangle and Liam's necklace were handmade by a friend of mine, she's got incredible skills making wooden jewelry.

Layla with one of her many BFF's, also in African attire. Aren't they just the cutest.

 Haley(another BFF) didn't get to wear her African outfit today, but she couldn't be left out of the picture.

I couldn't resit snapping these little boys in the school yard. They looked awesome in their African colors and those smiles were to die for. Stay tuned for more pics.

Happy Weekend.



  1. Ooooooh I love this. They are so adorable! Adorable!! Ms. Layla seems so confident and looks like she had a ball. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.


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