Hooray it's December: Holiday Favorites Book List.


As I'm currently with the flu and this terrible cough, I am cozy in my bed with a big mug of chicken noodle soup. The weather here doesn't help either as it's also very rainy, so I happily tucked away with some of my favorite holiday books, as they always serve to put me in the holiday spirit and keep me happy through this retched cold. So hopefully I'll be better soon, but for now I'll be taking it easy and allowing my hubby to take care of me. 

Take care everyone, see you soon.



  1. feel better soon friend..and i am excited for the holidays too!

  2. Hope you feel better soonest! Know the Christmas spirit will help!

  3. Hey girlie, hope you feel better soon you might as well enjoy the downtime and pampering:)

  4. Hope you feel better soon doll!! Keep wrapped up!! I love books like these :) x


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