How to Restart your Life.

Do you feel stuck in life?

You do the same thing.
You eat the same thing.
You hang out with the same people.
And you feel trapped in your own lifestyle, suffocating from the lack of opportunities and burdened by the endless train of thought.

You are probably ready for a big Restart.

1. What is important?

We all need to step back and take a good look at our lives. Are the goals that we’ve been working towards still important?

Basically, we need to re-evaluate our deepest priorities.

Take a few minutes every couple of months to see if you are really living according to your priorities or if you are just finding excuses of why you would continue them the next day.

2. Is it time to take a break?

When was the last time that you took a break? And I am not talking here about a 10-minute break in your work day. I am talking about the ultimate break from your stresses.

3. Is it time to let go?

One of the hardest things is letting go of your dream or goal, because they can kill your happiness. However, sometimes it is the best thing to do if you want to reclaim your life and your balance.

We start our lives with a certain portfolio of ideas and plans. However, as we mature we sometimes keep the same portfolio without ever reevaluating it. But:
Some things just don’t work out. 

Some plans are not meant to happen.
Some ideas don’t stand up to the test of time.

What do you have to let go of?

4. How can you create new opportunities?

Are you waiting for an opportunity to knock on your door? Well, you shouldn’t because it never will.
Today is the time to open your door, catch the opportunity while it’s flying by and use it boldly and courageously.
Now that you have reevaluated your life, took a good break and cleared up some junk, it’s time to make room for something new and exciting. Something that is meaningful to you but that at the same time doesn’t interfere with your and your family’s wellbeing.
The opportunities are always there, we just have to be willing to embrace them and get out of our comfort zones.
Create a habit of writing down 5 opportunities that you see every day, no matter how big, small or unrealistic they are. Soon you’ll get into the habit of spotting them everywhere and you will just have to pick the right one for you.

Let's get restarted and feel more balanced in our lives. How about you?
Ready set......go.


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