room of the week the little bedroom of Michelle Adams (Editor and Chief of Lonny magazine) in her new high rise apartment over looking the Hudson River. I simply adore the mix of black and white and the clean, simple color palette. The color scheme is not dominated by any one fabric or color, and this marriage of patterns is just remarkable in my mind.

Hints of leopard print on the lamps and the ottomans are a wicked cheeky, but again not overpowering in the least. Art on the walls are witty and modern and also reflects the black and white theme. If you are thrilled by this DIY canopy, like me checkout how to here.

The vanity is a focal point with it's mirrored drawers which creates a lively and spacious atmosphere. Jewelry is not tucked away from sight but displayed in a lucite box allowing accessories to become a part of the decor. My favorite thing would have to be that Kelly Wearstler Ceramic bowl (holding the orchid) ...wicked!

What do you think??




  1. The vanity is stunning, love that :)) Hope your week is going wonderful x

  2. Ahh..sorry to hear you have the flu petal, that is terrible. You keep wrapped up and have yourself something warm to help! I know the artist has a book, but I'm not quite sure how you purchase it or if it's still available. It was called 'ATTRITION by Thomas Devaux'. I tried looking it up and got no where, but I'm wondering if you contact Thomas himself, he could help you: I'd love to have his work, I'm really happy you enjoyed it!! Take good care xx

  3. I'm thinking I need that vanity! Tried getting it for a client this year and she didn't bite and my, look how fab it looks! I will promptly send her this photo to drive her crazy! Thanks again for stopping by blog. I love me some Barbados (been there a few times), so it's great to connect with a fellow West Indian.

  4. I love all the mirrors, on the wall, on the vanity. What a pretty room. I want to stow away in that bed.

  5. This is so gorgeous! I love all of the black and white.
    The Glossy Life


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