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Hello my Lovelies, I was just thinking about my up and coming vacay and what I would love to do and where. Would it be a thatched hut, on stilts, with minimal amenities, living the simple life and getting lost in my husband, photography and books. Or would it be a more refined vacay of a coastal villa, built at the edge of a cliff, fully staffed with personal chef and private cinema.

What can I say, I am a girl that loves to dream and dream BIG! 

Which would you prefer?



  1. What a nice thing to dream about. Hands down, I select #1...especially since I was able to spend my honeymoon in a very similar hut...don't be too jealous, though, that was 6 years ago and I haven't had a vacay since :)

    I hope you make it there or someplace equally as fabulous.

  2. Which would I prefer? A private island in the Caribbean would be ideal for me;-)

  3. Hard to choose...but give me the villa with all the amenities *big smile*

  4. Newest follower!

  5. It's hard to choose, I could do with both of them to be honest. Both sound amazing. If I was completely shattered, I would choose the bottom one and let people cook for me, but if I wanted to do it myself or have more adventure, I would choose the top one :) Hope you have a great weekend doll xx

  6. What a fabulous choice to have! I've always loved the idea of a thatched hut on stilts, but for some bizarre reason, I have a fear of sleepwalking out of the front door in the middle of the night and falling straight into the water!! The fact that I am quite a good swimmer and I don't sleepwalk doesn't seem to make a difference to my irrational thoughts - lol! So for me, it would have to be the villa with ALL of the amenities and a beautiful view of the sea through the balcony - what a lovely dream...sigh!
    Best wishes, and thanks for your lovely comments at Hill House - it's been far too long since I've visited your wonderful blog and had a taste of the sunshine!
    Paula xxx


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