new year's reflections and dreams

Jen Huang

Well with the rush of the holidays behind us and the New Year celebrations are thru, I pause  to think of the past year as a beautiful one in so many ways. One tends not to think that when its been tough financially, emotionally, mentally etc. So to find myself standing on the beach looking at the horizon, still hoping, dreaming, excited about what God will do with my life is amazing to me. The past year I have found special new friends and cherished old ones, a family that has been supportive, and a safe place where I can share my heart, to walk with dignity and a strength I didn't even know I had are all what makes the pass year extraordinary.

I believe some of the greatest lessons I will learn this year are forgiveness, patience, self-control, to name a few, but aren't we all still learning from life as it presents itself in the good, bad and the over-priced. 

So wherever you are my lovely readers, whether, happy or not completely so - the new year brings, new adventures, new experiences. Some might say not so new, but it's the perspective that counts. Once we learn to look at things differently, half the battle is won because knowledge is power and knowledge is what shapes our mind.

Thank you stopping by and here's to "GIRL AT THE BEACH" as we search for beauty together in all it's glory.

Cheers Lisa xx


  1. Hi Lisa. Here's to Girl At The Beach indeed! I felt like I wasn't quite ready for 2014 or rather that 2013 just kind of rolled into 2014 but as you say perspective is everything so I think I'm going to embrace 2014 as a new start. *hugs*

  2. I believe you and I have a fresh start and as Psalms 65:11 states in the Amplified, He is going to crown the year with His goodness, and our paths will drip with abundance, with His goodness, wherever we go, there will be plenty of everything we need to live the life He has ordained for us. You and I will walk in our dreams (have you started on your book yet?) and accomplish the goals we set. 2014 is our year.

  3. Hello lovely!! Happy New Year to you!! I am glad you are back. The year is going to bring lots of new adventures and experiences for you doll. You have come through so much, and you will continue to walk through these times with God by your side!! Take each day as it comes and only seek his grace and all will fall into place, I know it!! I am sending you lots of love and hugs doll, I look forward to all your posts to come, use this as your creative pot to find release. Have a gorgeous week :) xx


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