happy weekend and shooting stars

Hello lovelies, here's to a great weekend, some rest relaxation or whatever you've got planned. I've got a packed schedule of catching up on work, movies, books and magazines, and trolling the internet. There is just no way I'll be able to get all that done with two kids and loads of ironing and cleaning to be done. But before I embark on my to do list, here is little manicure that inspired me at 1.00 am in this morning.

I"m totally crushing on this tutorial here and also some other great tips and products to try. So hop on over and be sure to try this even if you don't have the exact colors. I did my manicure in pink with some glitter and stars of my own. It just goes to show, you can find inspiration lurking around any corner, at any given time.

{Images: Pshiit}

Cheers...Lisa . x


  1. Love that design on her nails. So fabulous!

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Swoon, I love that manicure. It looks so sassy! Kisses


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