room of the week and reflections

Monday inspiration is this lovely oasis of white in this superb, on a budget walk-in closet. Don't you love this? But don't let the simplicity fool you, the utilization of the space flows quite naturally, with everything accessible and within reach. Clutter is tucked away behind drawers with an awesome focal point of the vanity mirror.  I adore open shelves and the shoe rack, as I love shoes, so looking at them is the next best thing. If only I had a spare room off my bathroom, I could see my space looking like this with perhaps more punches of color to bring out the Caribbean lurking inside me. 

Well I hope the year is going well so far for everyone. I have been ill with the flu which I have shaken, but with the end of the month drawing near, I feel a little behind in my goals/aspirations. I know God is in the midst of my schedule at work, my single-parenting, taking care of elderly parents, my spiritual life etc. It does all get pretty overwhelming. 

 I started the year with high goals for myself and they seemed very challenging both emotionally and financially. Life has gotten very busy and some of my creative projects, I should I have finished by now, has been put on hold. So  I'm wanting to find my footing again and gathering my thoughts to make this week a productive week and hopefully find myself back on track.

Getting back on track, I must admit brings with it some of the hurt and pain from last year.  I realized that despite my best efforts, I must allow myself to grieve the losses in my life and in the lives of my children. I'm not sure how others do it: but I find myself wanting to move on as if nothing has happened and make a new life, create new opportunities without reflecting on the past.

 Facing the past and losses in our lives, cannot be brushed away in light of new resolutions, new opportunities or new relationships for that matter. All of us must take the time to know who we really are, what is on our minds and how we respond to what life throws at us. So take sometime today, to pause, you won't regret it.

Images via Nina Holst @ Stylizimo.

Take care my Lovelies, I hope I've encouraged you just a bit. Stay tuned for more inspiration in the coming week.

Cheers Lisa. x


  1. Dreamy! Wow! My closet doesn't look anything like that! You've got me drooling :-)



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