the white start - Swedish style

It's wonderful to see another new year dawn and as we are well on our way to what promises to be an exciting year. checkout the amazing Swedish vintage style that caught my attention, I can't get enough of this  style. I've shared the below images to get you all in the mood, like the below bath...adorable. Little inexpensive additions can convert any room into a serene, white oasis.

Milk glass vases, pitchers and bowls are a treasure like this one above, and can be found at any flea market worth its reputation.

That home office above gets two thumbs up, get super creative and spray paint an old metal desk (a major undertaking, I suggest get it professionally done). Those old picture frames, you were probably going to toss out can look new again, with a collection of black and white illustrations or photos.

Loving the shabby chic vibe going on above, such a great mix of vintage and modern. Sofa covers and pillow covers can change your decor in a heartbeat when you are experimenting,  but this look is a definite keeper.

So with my budget for decorating being non-existent, I'm grabbing some paint to work some magic. Are you inspired to give your ho-hum home office, bedroom or kitchen some love. Be sure to share what's inspiring you this New Year.


{images courtesy the beach cottage, pinterest and vangelis paterakis photographer}


  1. You have given me some brilliant ideas. My office was humdrum so I can't wait to pick up some paint and make some old sad picture frames brand new! You always inspire me!!


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