Inspired by my friend Karla Dornacher, here are 43 things I hope to do before my 44th birthday, (January 7th).

1. Read the Bible in a Year.
2. Buy a Kindle.
3. Renovate my kitchen.
4. Attend an outdoor concert.
5. Start a blog.
6. Host a Tea Party.
7. Take a class in Photo shop.
8. Do some form of exercise everyday.
9. Eat something new and unusual.
10. See a local play.
11. Build an aviary in my garden.
12. Renew passport.
13. Passports for the children.
14. Test drive a Range Rover.
15. Buy new cookware.
16. Write a Psalm.
17. Reupholster the living room furniture.
18. Get a tattoo, (just kidding).
19. Make homemade canned jam.
20. Replant my herb garden, (everything died last year).
21. Lose 15 pounds.
22. Volunteer somewhere.
23. Sleep in a tent with my hubby.
24. Send a dozen roses to myself.
25. Do a yoga class.
26. Do the Fat Flush program for a month.
27. Plan a date with God.
28. Plant a pomegranate tree.
30. Bake cookies for my church bake sale.
31. Have a Deep tissue massage (must plan this soon).
32. Upgrade my digital camera.
33. Throw a surprise birthday party for a friend.
34. Trim all the trees around my home before hurricane season.
36. Try new recipe every month.
37. Go see a movie with a girlfriend.
38. Sneak away to a cozy hotel with hubby for our anniversary.
39. Give a gift to 5 girlfriends. (just to say I appreciate them in my life).
40. Sew something useful.
41. Buy a sewing machine.
42. Rent a Limousine for an evening.
43. To have the grace to accept I probably won't get everything done in a year.


  1. This is a GREAT list! Let's just pray that you can get it all done. I will be hopeful for you. I especially adore the one about writing a psalm. Today, I was actually reading the book of Psalms and went back to the beginning because I wanted to read the history behind it. I sort of feel like my blog is like a psalms in some ways because it is alot my emotions and I do talk to God or about God alot on it. I don't know. I just think that is a really cool idea. :o)


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